Receive the certificate!Chen Xiao confirmed that Chen Yanxi was pregnant: I look forward to the exposure of new life coming to the wedding photo!

On July 5th, Chen Xiao’s birthday, Chen Xiao and Chen Yanxi received a certificate at the Hefei Civil Affairs Bureau! Chen Xiao and Chen Yanxi, who had been associated with "Condor Heroes", have been sweet and affectionate since their relationship. On the day of the certificate, Chen XiaoBlack pants in white look particularly refreshing, and Chen Yanxi smiled sweetly with a red skirt. The group photo when the two got the certificate was also loving to sugar.

Previously, according to Taiwan media reports, Chen Yanxi and Chen Xiao will hold two weddings in Beijing and Taipei on July 19 and July 21 respectively.Although Chen Yanxi himself did not confirm the news, the agent once revealed: "Almost at that time." Chen Yanxi, who had to be a bride, also let go, and he must have the "most beautiful bridesmaid group" in the history of history.

As soon as the news of the "double Chen Lian" certificate came out, netizens also sent blessings: "Congratulations to the little dragon girl and Yang Guo finally fixed the positive results!"

At noon on July 5th, Chen Xiao continued to send sugar on Weibo. While announced that he got married, he also revealed that the bride was pregnant. He wrote affection: "16.7.5, from today, you are my wife. Looking forward to a one.The advent of new life! "And@新, Chen Yanxi then reposted a sweet response:" From now on, we are 仨. PS husband, happy birthday. "

Chen Xiao and Chen Yanxi met with the TV series "The Condor Heroes".

On August 27, 2015, Chen Xiaofa Weibo acknowledged his relationship with Chen Yanxi, saying: One day, you will have my surname.Then Chen Yanxi also posted Weibo Aite Chen Xiao with the same picture.

In October 2015, netizens broke out a picture of Chen Xiao’s proposal to Chen Yanxi on the Seine cruise ship.On October 27, 2015, Miss Chen Xiaofei confirmed that Chen Xiao had proposed to Chen Yanxi in Paris, France.

In November 2015, Chen Xiao took Chen Yanxi back to his hometown Hefei.In the Spring Festival this year, Chen Yanxi also brought Chen Xiao back to Taiwan and took a group photo of Chen Xiao and his family on Weibo.

Today, the three happy are here, bless the two!

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