Real Madrid’s girlfriend is pregnant and her ex -girlfriend has already played soy sauce. Foreigners are really open

At 4: 00 am on June 22, Beijing time, the 30th round of La Liga in the 2019-2020 season, Real Madrid played against Royal Society.In the first half, there were no buildings in both sides; in the second half, Veninus made a point, and Ramos made a power and made the most successful defender in the history of La Liga. Lamos then left the field due to injuries.Merrino recovered a ball for the royal society.In the end, Real Madrid defeated the Royal Society 2-1 away and successfully overtaken Barcelon.

This game is a typical Real Madrid "Condom Direct Demonstration" game. Ramos La Liga has reached 68 goals. Since then, it surpasses Ronald Coman and enjoys the first title of the La Liga defender.

However, the new aid introduced by Real Madrid last summer in this game, Serbian striker Luca Joivic, unexpectedly did not appear, and even selected as a list of 20 people. Since joining in the Bundesliga last year, it has only played 15 times this season.Races 2 goals and assists once. The accumulated time is only 391 minutes.

But this striker has little time to play, and there are many news about him, but they are all news about his field.After the Spanish epidemic broke out from Madrid to Serbia, Jiovic did not leave home in accordance with regulations, but went out to celebrate his birthday to pregnant girlfriends.

After this incident was exposed, Jiovic not only did not sincerely admit his mistakes, but shirk responsibility.Jevic claimed that this was because the staff did not explain the details of home isolation. Serbian President Wugic ordered "to catch him if he dares to go out."

But within a few days, Jehwick uploaded a photo on INS.There were 5 people in the photo of the Communist Party of China. They were grilling at the Javich’s house, and all the five had no awareness of epidemic prevention.Jevic was naked and wore a safe boot with his right foot.The Serbian left hand with his friends, and his right hand was pinched with a barbecue clip.

The striker that spent 60 million euros in Real Madrid is estimated to be abolished. It was said that it was rumored to join AC Milan two days ago. Real Madrid is now estimated to be one head, two big.

Now let’s talk about Jehwicky’s supermodel girlfriend.

Now the supermodel girlfriend is pregnant again. Sure enough, the life of rich people is monotonous and boring, and only the people have made people all day.

The more you want to get angry, let’s look at Jehwick’s supermodel girlfriend eliminating the imbalance in my heart.

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How about, is the life of a rich man’s life boring and boring.””” Real Madrid overtake Barcelon Top La Liga “” Ramos Cheng La Liga Shooter Wang “” “” Real Madrid 2-1 to the top of La Liga”

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