Real experience: After burning paper for ten years, people have returned well.

Chinese people like to use paper money to commemorate their dead relatives.

Especially when the first day of the first day, the fifteenth day, and the Qingming, the streets and alleys were in full swing. Under the dim lights, the people who burned paper were everywhere. They looked far away, making people cautiously panic!

So, does this popular custom, in addition to making points of pollution, does it really mean?

Will the burned paper money really receive it by the dead relatives?

The following is a real experience of me and my family!

Grandma had seven sons, and gave birth to the last son, after my uncle, died within a few days.

So the uncle has always been pulled by his brother -in -law.

He had a bad body since he was a child. He was very thin and because of his poor. He was in his 30s in a blink of an eye and had not yet become a family.

He worked working outside the year, or returned to his hometown to help his brothers.

In the winter, he met a foreigner in his hometown and said that he could take them to work in Russia.Can make a lot of money a year.

The old uncle couldn’t help the temptation, and agreed with a few fellow villagers to go to Russia with this person.

It is very new to go abroad in the first ten years, especially in rural people. They do n’t understand anything and have no sense of safety. They are all taken away under the temptation of money.

The brothers did not oppose it when they knew. To be honest, everyone’s life was very difficult. No one would care about anyone. They all thought that if he could really mix well abroad, it would be a good thing.

After the uncle left, he occasionally called at home at the beginning, but then there was no news at all.

The family did not know how to contact him. He could only worry about it, hoping that he could take the initiative to contact his family.

In this way, in the past three years, the village came back to work with his uncle together.

The uncle’s brothers immediately found each other’s house and inquired about the whereabouts of the uncle.

The man regretted saying to us that the uncle was dead, and he saw his uncle frozen on the street.

After asking about it, I knew that that introducer was a liar, a black agency, and specifically used high salaries to deceive honest rural people to be a black worker in the past. When he went abroad, he took away his passport.Do cheap labor.

Not only that, but also often scold these hard work.

It’s really that you should not be called every day!

Finally, one day, a small group of Chinese could not stand it, and the people who looked at it did not pay attention to escape.

The uncle was also among them. Everyone ran blindly in the forest, and in the end they were scattered, and no one could find anyone.

The person who came back said that the last time I saw my uncle, on the street, he saw that he was wearing thin clothes, curled up, and froze on the street.

The family was wailing and regretted it.

If he stops him from letting him go.

I hate that black agency, and to frame my compatriots for money, it is almost human!

In any case, the family can only cry in sadness.In the end, I could only find a few clothes he had worn, buried on the open space behind the village, and set up a grave.

Every year, people go to burn money paper, worship, and talk about their thoughts.

There is a four uncle in the family, the fourth brother of the uncle, who is a very superstitious and paying great attention to the ghosts and gods.

Every year on the New Year’s Eve, you will "take God" or something.

Since his uncle died, he has often had some weird dreams.

He always dreamed that his uncle was on his head now, crying miserably to him, he was cold and hungry below, and he was always beaten, so that his family burned more paper money in the past.

This four uncle, in the family is a more responsible, caring brother.

After waking up, he couldn’t stand it. Those who cried and organized the family quickly went to burn paper money for the older brother.

Even my brother and I went home every year, and he was forced to buy some paper money to burn it to the uncle.

Because when we were young, my uncle loved us particularly and hugged in his arms every day.

In this way, the paper that has burned for ten years.

One year of New Year, I did not return to my hometown and celebrated the New Year in my mother -in -law’s house.

My father went back to his hometown alone.

According to usual, they have to burn a lot of paper money for their younger brothers at the crossroads and grave.

At the fourth day of the fourth day, I called my father’s father and family to visit the New Year. My father answered the phone and shouted excitedly:

"Old girl, a great thing happened in our family, what do you guess?"

My dad usually loves to buy lottery tickets, and almost all pocket money is spent on it.

So I teased him, I said:

"No, can’t you win 5 million?"

My father said happily:

"No, a bigger happy event than this"

Whoops, I can’t guess!

Seeing that I had no sound, my father went on to say:

"Who guess who came back?"

I was stunned by him and asked in a hurry:


"Your uncle, your uncle is back!"

Dad shouted happily again.

I was blindfolded at once.

I thought, how many years have my uncle died.

I said:

"Dad, are you okay! Where are you?"

I was a little anxious.

My dad may feel that I was worried, and immediately said:

"It’s true. You don’t believe it, scare us all. Just now, your uncle pushes in and scares us. I have a cold hand.I asked him if he was a man or a ghost, and your uncle was blinded by himself, and asked us about this. Haha, we touched his hand strongly and touched his hand.Is it a big event! "

Before I reacted, my dad said:

"Come, your uncle wants to talk to you!"

Oops, my hands holding the phone at the time shake.

The voice of my uncle came from the phone. When I heard it, it was him.

I felt my hair was erected, and I said stiffly:


Uncle called my name happily.

After chatting a few words, I don’t know what I said.

Hanging up the phone, I couldn’t calm down for a long time.

After a few days, my uncle followed my dad and had four uncle to visit my house.

After seeing the uncle, I saw that the whole person looked particularly healthy, particularly temperament, and was completely different from before.

After understanding, I knew that what the returning fellow was true.

The uncle was almost frozen to death.

After running out of the black factory, the uncle had no passport, cold and hungry, and begged on the street.

The Russians are particularly bad, bully these Chinese people, grab their passports, or grab the money they want.

The uncle was in bad health. With such a toss, he initiated a high fever and fainted on the streets.

Fortunately, I was fortunate to be discovered by an old lady in Ukraine. She was Catholic and was particularly kind. She brought her uncle back to her home and took care of him until he recovered.

The old lady’s house has a farm in the countryside and grows a lot of vegetables.

The uncle stayed to help her work to repay her life -saving grace.

The uncle would plant land and helped the old lady to build a greenhouse to help her increase a lot of income.

The old lady was particularly happy to recognize him as a son.

In this way, my uncle did it for a few years and slowly had his own greenhouse.

There are more income.

The old lady also introduced him a Ukrainian beauty.

In a few years, the uncle made more than 100,000 yuan.

Later, the Russian population census investigated the old uncle, confiscated all his money and items, and returned to China.

When she was leaving, the old lady was full of tears and worn her cross on the neck of the uncle. In this way, except for this cross, the uncle returned to China without everything.

The Ukrainian girlfriend was pregnant, but I didn’t want to return to China with him, so I broke the child and left.

The uncle said it was particularly sad here.

After listening to the uncle finished, I couldn’t help but admire:

"You are really blessing, this is simply dare not let people believe it!"

Both brothers complained why he didn’t contact his family!

He said he had forgotten the contact information at home.

Because he was a black house, he didn’t dare to go out blindly, so he never contacted his home.

I laughed beside me and said to my uncle:

"Do you know, everyone thinks you are dead, so I took your clothes and set up a grave. Everyone burned a lot of paper money every year. Especially the four uncle, always dreaming about youWe are cold and hungry, asking us to burn paper money for you! Over the years, we really have no less burning paper! "

After listening to the grin after listening, my uncle said:

"Oh, ah, I said I am so back!"

Everyone laughed!

Since then, the four uncle no longer believes in the ghosts and gods, and everything he can at home has been smashed.

He said that now he understands that everything is a psychological effect.

Yes, in fact, burning paper money is a living person, a kind of comfort in his heart.A sustenance of a loved ones.

Thinking about the truth is very simple. Paper, burn a handful of gray, and it is impossible to cross from quantum and particle to learn to another space, becoming the wealth needed for the dead.

In ancient times, people were very poor, so after the death of others, the living relatives hoped that he would not be poor in another world, and he could have a rich life!

To put it plainly, it’s superstition!Believe it if you are confused!

I remember that there are still old aunts that tell us where others burn paper, do not step on, otherwise they will offend the dead and will be mildew.

I did n’t know when I did n’t know this. I did pay attention to it.

But after the uncle’s incident, I never taboo again!

I even went to help people smash things that I don’t want to worship!

Nothing bad happened!

To be a man, the most important thing is good and straight!

The goodness and evil of people’s hearts are an important factor that affects our good and bad.

Therefore, in commemoration of loved ones and remembering ancestors, there must be a better and more environmentally friendly way.

And I believe that the first generation also hopes that future generations can live in a healthy ecological environment!

Dear readers, what do you think?

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