RE zero: The ending details are added!Emilia thinks that kiss will be pregnant, who told her?

In January drama "Re: Life in Different World from Zero", the second season finally ended. Although it is always lonely after the end, we can still meet in the third season. Congratulations here.The play was smoothly broadcast.Overall, RE Zero’s second season rely on "conscience" to impress all audiences, and eventually greeted high scores of 9.9!

For the informed audience, the picture quality party, and the original party, this season’s works should be difficult to meet their inner requirements, but in the plot, there are already, and the plot is not dragged at all.In 29 minutes, even the end of the head and the head, this full sincerity made the discerning audience also given high scores.Let’s not say much about nonsense below. Let’s supplement the details to the end of the end, and we are willing to make an extra contribution to RE zero.

Did the three major Warcraft "Big Rabbit" be eliminated?

First of all, the final battle of this animation finale is the "big rabbit" of the three major Warcraft. This cute but cruelly eaten rabbit has made many audiences have a psychological shadow.Only blood and rain.When the male lead, "Cai Yueyue", he would still be scared to see the big rabbit, and the villagers in the sanctuary in the previous reincarnation would rather choose to be self -immolation, nor did they want to be eaten by the big rabbit alive, which shows that it is terrible!So is the Warcraft "Big Rabbit" created by "Blasting Witch Daphne" really eliminated in the final battle?The answer is not!

In the entire sanctuary, whether the male lead "Cai Yuezhang" can eliminate the three major Warcraft "Big Rabbit", it is considered a agreement.Daphne laughed at Cai Yueyu on the spot.Daphne’s self -confidence is well -founded. When there is a prey, the big rabbit will collectively attack the prey. When they do not perceive the prey, they will eat each other, but it is very difficult to completely eliminate them.The final ending of the Big Rabbit is always hovering in the different spaces created by "Bicudi". They can only "eat themselves" constantly, but there will be one left in any case.Only, then continue to eat, saying that the number of big rabbits will eventually be fixed between 1 and 2.

"Bicui" smiled?See you in the third season!

In this finale animation, Big Elf "Bicudi" used "Dimensional Magic" to give the three major World of Warcraft Bunny the final blow, and Bicudi also showed a "fan -like smile" at this time.Want to know why she laughed?The reason why this smile was a trusted smile on the male lead "Cai Yueyao". Think about the treatment of Bitris in the third season of the third season.

The magic power of "Bicudi" in the battle of the Battle Big Rabbit consumed greatly. Most of her magic for 400 years was buried together with the "Library", and the only surviving Bicudice was only survived.Magic is also exhausted in this battle. Since then (the third season of the plot) Bicui can only be entangled with Cai Yueyue every day to make up the magic, but there is no magic power, so only two people can sleep.Together, Bicudi probably took into account these things in the future, so she laughed.

Why should I cover up the appearance of "Ejiro" in memories?

In this finale, the audience finally saw the real appearance of the strong desire witch "Ejiro". Although it is her body, her appearance is still very beautiful.The appearance is different (as shown below) Many viewers here may also notice the meaning.

The witch "Ajida" who met the male lead Cai Yueyue and the "Ejita" and "Ejitna" in the memory of Razwal and Bicwus are not the same person.In the official original work, Both Razwal and Bitris believed that the "Ajada" described by Cai Yueyue was a counterfeit goods, but Cai Yueyu didn’t think so.The most common explanation as "City of Dreams" is Ej. Dona is a defective Ejie Dona. Her soul is already defective, so she cannot understand the feelings of people’s hearts and does not understand the feelings of normal people.Dana’s soul has not been completely retained into the city of dreams.Judging from the details of the painting, Ejiro in the city of Dream City is even more young. After all, everything in the city of Dream was "fabricated" by Ejiro himself, including her face, maybe she pinched herself.It’s younger.

The face "Razwal" is still missing!Who still remember "Patlaxiu"?

First of all, as the curtain ceremony of the Holy Realm ending, it is one of the essential parts of the behind -the -scenes black hand "Razwal". To this end, the "Emilia camp" all performed the RizwalThe "face" ceremony swollen Razwal’s face directly, but in fact, there was one fewer people who hit Razwal on the scene, that is, the Dragon Dragon "Pallaxiu".

The Animation Party may be in doubt. Does a dragon even come to the face of Razwal?The answer is yes!This is not a crooked at will. This plot belongs to the original, but the animation is not.Throughout the "Holy Domain" Dragon Patlaxiu’s performance is remarkable, it also sacrificed several times for the male lead "Cai Yueyue". It should be qualified to have a face.In the original work, Patraiu finally used a sprint impact against Razwal, and hit the same impact.

"Lei can’t beat" Ram accepted this sister!

In this finale animation, the only regret for the audience is that "Rham" is still a sleeping girl, and it is also ridiculed by the audience as Lei. Here you can tell the audience who do not know the progress of the original work.Wake up, and according to the animation plot, it is probably the content of the "fourth season".On the screen of the wine feast, Ram pushed this "sister" to participate in the wine banquet.Here I want to remind everyone that no one remembers Rham except Cai Yueyu in this world, even if it is a relative, Lam, it is no exception.

Throughout the plot of the "Holy Domain", Ram has almost never taken the initiative to mention anything about the sister Rham. It seems a little ruthless. Isn’t such an important "memory" left in Ram’s heart?IntersectionIn fact, this is not the case. Ram has long felt that his memory has a sense of disobedience, but Ram chose to ignore it. After all, Ram is also very busy in the Holy Domain.For Ram, as long as she sees Rem at a glance, she can understand that this sister is what happened, after all, she is twins.

Who told "Emilia" to get pregnant?

In the finale of the most likely, the heroine "Emilia" asked the male lead Cai Yueyue about the question about the children in his belly. Emilia believes that he will get pregnant and cause such a big misunderstanding.So some audiences are about to ask who taught "Emilia" to be pregnant?Many viewers think that Parker is taught. In fact, Parker is also considered, but the real culprit is "Annerojie Mallod", which is the little girl in the figure below. She is only 9 years old.

This little girl is the owner of Mezha’s separation. Her mother has passed away. She inherits her owner at a young age, and she is also the playmate of the heroine "Emilia". Don’t forget the spiritual age of our heroine.It is only 14 years old. It is normal for the heroine to play together with children. In the original work, even if the 9 -year -old girl’s mind will love Milia to mature, of course, this refers to before the trial, but this little girl tellsAi Mi Liya will get pregnant.

At the end, there are so many number of words in length. There are still many places in the ending.In this plot, the male lead "Cai Yueyue" officially awarded the honor of Lia’s knight. This is also to facilitate the acceptance of praise from the country later.Since then, the male lead is no longer the "servant" of the mansion. He will start dealing with major camps, and it is no longer a civilian.Thank you for reading, let’s look forward to the third season.

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