Question: My friend’s cat is pregnant. What should I do if it should not eat?

Hello everyone, I am your old friend who loves pets.I am an operator of a small pet shop in Wuhan, and I am also an creator in the high -quality pet field in the headline.Based on my many years of experience in raising pet cats and dogs, I have answered your questions about your question. Please read the answer to this question carefully with the time of drinking a cup of milk tea.

The orange cat above the picture is a photo of the stray cat I have been pregnant for almost two years.My big oranges also have a loss of appetite in the early stages of pregnancy. I will talk about how I have the loss of appetite during pregnancy during pregnancy.With how I regulate my diet for Big Orange and my experience of taking care of pet cats and dogs for many years, I want to tell the signs of the mother and cats who are pregnant with cats and cats, and how do I do not like to eat during pregnancy.manage.The female cat’s pregnancy reaction is relatively mild. The shoveling officers need to observe carefully to find that the cat’s belly is significantly larger in about a month. After finding that the pet is pregnant, the female cat does not like to eat.Two aspects of emotions to take care of the physical and mental health of female cats to help female cats eat.

1. Diet should enhance nutrition.

Pet pregnancy is the same as human pregnancy. It is a new life and requires a lot of high -quality protein, but the shoveling officers should also pay attention not to feed too much for cats and dogs.Digestive, on the other hand, also meets nutritional needs.At this time, we can feed the cat mothers during the pregnancy of the cat mothers, cook the wiping fish soup, and add some lean porridge green vegetable rice porridge.

Vegetable rice porridge pictures

It is recommended that a pet golden milk powder in our shop can be accepted.

One pet golden milk powder picture

We can also feed the calcium tablets or liquid calcium for the cat mothers during pregnancy.I need calcium supplementation during pregnancy. I do n’t need to say more about this. Cat mothers (dogs) who are pregnant during pregnancy need to supplement calcium substances.

Recommend a powerful calcium fluid

2. Female cats with prenatal depression and how to take care of prenatal depression.

When we replace the diet and calcium supplement of the female cat, if the female cat is still unwilling to eat, we must consider whether the female cat suffers from prenatal depression.The mother cat is not willing to eat, and in addition to the loss of appetite during pregnancy, the most common is prenatal depression.Speaking of which, many people will definitely be strange. Depression is a common psychological cold for human beings. So why do female cats also have depression?This principle is very simple. Cats, dogs and dogs have lived together for thousands of years.When some female cats are pregnant, they will also have insufficient sleep like women who are pregnant. Naturally, prenatal depression will also occur.When we carefully observe the change of female cats before and after pregnancy, it is not difficult to find whether the female cat has prenatal depression.

We can do the following two points to take care of the emotions of female cats during pregnancy: 1. We spend more time for cat owners to accompany the cat.You must know that companionship is the most powerful catalyst for all trust and soothing emotions.

2. We can also find the male cat who mate with the female cat. In this case, we know that the female cat and the male cat are familiar with the male cat.Two cats are together with emotions. I have seen cats for many years to see too many cat mothers who produce a male cat next to them.I know that the male cats who are accompanied are likely to be the cat father of these newly born cat children.

“”” Warm reminder: You must know that cats are also emotional mammals, and cats will also communicate between cats. In fact, cats have been raised for a long time. I find that cats will communicate with us humans.That is to communicate with the eyes beyond language barrier.

In summary, my summary of this problem is as follows: The cause of the cat’s pregnancy is not willing to eat the appetite during pregnancy, and the female cat has prenatal depression.Solve the method of unwillingness to eat female cats during pregnancy: replace the diet to enhance the nutrition of the female cat during pregnancy, and give the female cat to accompany the female cat to make the female cat adjust their emotions through time.This is the problem that refuses to eat.

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