Qingdao women’s tattoo unmarried pregnancy, drinking and driving, threat, what else can she do?

Wow!This Mercedes -Benz woman is almost dazzling!There are such arrogant people in the world, which is really angry.

On July 17th, an amazing incident happened.On a road, Mercedes -Benz’s overbearing women drove drunk, not only running away, but also threatened to the driver, claiming that she was pregnant for 5 months!Oh my god, this kind of unreasonable behavior is really angry.

At the beginning, a taxi driver named Master Zhang was driving on the road normally. At this time, a white Mercedes -Benz car suddenly appeared and his car was stunned.What is abominable is that the Mercedes -Benz female owner ignored it at all and escaped on the spot!

Master Zhang, who was burned in anger, immediately pursued.The Mercedes -Benz was galloping, Master Zhang touched it, and chased several streets to catch up with her.

Master Zhang got out of the car and questioned why the Mercedes -Benz’s domineering girl escaped.However, what was waiting for him was a long -haired girl with a whole body tattoo and a gray dress, and at first glance, it was a fierce master.In the anger of Master Zhang, the tattoo girl actually bite, claiming that she was stared at by Master Zhang, and wanted to blackmail her!It is really stunning, and it is difficult to accept this absurd logic.

But Master Zhang was not bullying, he decisively called the police.After the traffic police arrived at the scene, the situation was even more ridiculous.The domineering woman reiterated that she was pregnant for five months and attempted to threaten the traffic police.Her boyfriend was not willing to show weakness, and told the traffic police that if his girlfriend was frightened, he must be responsible.

The traffic police really couldn’t cry. The Mercedes -Benz tattoo woman claimed that the driver Master Zhang wanted to extort her 50,000 yuan, and she did not agree.As a result, the traffic police came to ask who drove, and she suddenly said that she was driving by her boyfriend.This wave of operation is really stunned.

However, Master Zhang immediately took out his driving recorder to prove that the car was drove.The tattoo woman suddenly changed her face, and her arrogance disappeared in the past.

Then, her performance entered a highlight moment. She called her mother to say that her stomach hurt, and she seemed to expect her mother to find someone to solve the problem.This woman is really amazing, lying down on the ground, no matter how hot the ground is.It seems that she is waiting for her mother’s assistant, which is very stupid.

This domineering woman was really speechless. She even drank on the way to get a marriage certificate. She escaped after hitting and threatened others with pregnancy.Her behavior is really stupid, and she does not respect the rights of others at all.It seems that the background of this woman’s family is obviously rich. It may be a rich second generation. It is usually arrogant and used to have such a stupid behavior.

In fact, just rubbing a little bit, just solve it peacefully, why should it be so arrogant?It makes people cry and laugh.She sincerely suggested that she saves a little more energy to solve the problem instead of blindly making trouble.

Friends, we must remember that small things are small and small, and you can get the friendliness and harmony of society.Don’t learn this Mercedes -Benz girl, keep calmness and rationality, and face friction and disputes in life with a more tolerant attitude.

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