Qingdao pregnant expert Yu Ping: 10 questions about follicle development and ovulation promotion, answer

Breeding a healthy life must first have healthy eggs, but now many infertile women have problems such as follicle development and ovulation disorders, which has a great impact on women’s pregnancy.There are also many patients in the outpatient clinic consulting me with various problems about follicles development and ovulation promotion. Today I have selected some patients with typical problems and the solutions I give.Some help in treatment.

Question 1: Director, I have done several times to promote ovulation and have not been pregnant.And the monthly basic follicles are different. The recent monitoring of the follicles is only three or four. What is going on?Can it increase the follicles?

Answer: There are only three or four basic follicles, indicating that the ovarian reserve function is poor. If you want to improve the quality of follicles, you can use traditional Chinese medicine conditioning, improve lifestyle, and exercise conditioning.No.After conditioning for a period of time, continue to monitor follicles and ovulation, hurry up to promote ovulation, and arrange trial pregnancy.Because the ovarian reserve function is poor, time can’t wait.While conditioning the ovulation function, it is best to check the fallopian tubes before ovulation. If you have any problems, do not wait until the discharge can not find that there is a problem with the tubal tube. This is too delayed.

Question 2: Doctor, I have six hormones and six items are normal. Why can’t I ovulate normally?In the past six months, menstruation has been once every five or sixty days, and the follicle form is irregular.

Answer: The level of 6 hormones is normal, which only means that your basic endocrine is normal, and it does not mean that the entire endocrine is normal.The quality of the eggs is poor. Under the guidance of a doctor, you can use the drug to condition it first, and then the ovulation -promoting drugs can be used to promote it normally.Do not take medicine by yourself, be sure to take medicine under the guidance of a doctor.

Question 3: I want to prepare for the second child. I have been 32 years old. I have been irregular menstruation. I have not been pregnant until now. I used to be polycystic ovary, functional uterine bleeding, bit by bit, Chinese medicine, B -ultrasound monitoring ovulation follicles and maximum measurement of 17mm to 17mm.*14mm, go to the hospital B -ultrasound monitoring again, the follicles have been lined up, and the endometrium is thin. Is it bad for endocrine?

Answer: Your situation should be caused by polycystic ovary syndrome. Generally, taking Chinese medicine to condition the polycystic ovary syndrome cannot meet good expectations. It must assist in comprehensive treatment of western medicine.Because the endocrine is not good, the follicles must not grow well. Be sure to condition the endocrine first, and then ovulate treatment.In addition, you need to check whether there is insulin resistance. If there is insulin resistance, treat it first, and then ovulate.In addition, pay attention to preservation after pregnancy.

Question 4: My polycystic ovary syndrome, high androgens, low estrogen, small follicles, Chinese medicine says that qi and blood deficiency are insufficient. Both have not been conditioned. Can I promote it now?What do I do during this period and what to pay attention to?

Answer: High androgens, estrogen low, and small follicles. This is a typical polycystic ovary syndrome. The polycystic ovary syndrome is actually a very common disease. Because of polycystic ovary syndrome, endocrine disorders cause ovulation disorders, soOnly affect pregnancy.Treatment must first condition the endocrine, which is relatively normal to condition the menstrual cycle. The high hormones should be reduced, and then how to ovulation. If there is still ovulation disorders, ovulation promotes.If obesity, it is necessary to exercise to lose weight while conditioning the endocrine. At the same time, exclude insulin resistance. If insulin resistance is existing, it is necessary to treat first, and then ovulate.

Question 5: Director, I am in my early thirties, premature ovarian failure, and I have never given birth to children. AMH is only 0.876ng/ml. Can this still have a chance to get pregnant?

Answer: In his thirties, AMH0.876NG/ML is indeed relatively low, indicating that the ovarian reserve function is poor, but do not despair, you still have the opportunity to get pregnant naturally.It is recommended that you can first use the comprehensive conditioning of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine to maintain the current ovarian function. Do not let the ovarian function continue to decline. At the same time, check the fallopian tubes, and then monitor ovulation.If you are not successful in the trial several times, you can consider test tubes.

Question 6: Doctor, I have a abortion in April, and I have a menstruation for more than 50 days. I have a menstruation for five days to take five days of mastone. I checked that the follicle formation has forming a cyst. How can I eliminate the cyst?

Answer: Because the follicles form a cyst on the ovary, it may be that the cysts are not drained after the follicles grow up. This cyst will slowly absorb and disappear by itself.In addition, patients with polycystic ovary syndrome will have a higher chance of abortion than normal people after pregnancy. Then check a insulin to release experimental sugar tolerance to exclude insulin resistance.Essence

Question 7: Director Yu, I have performed the surgery of adhesion. The follicles will not be discharged. If I have 4 months of trial pregnancy, I do n’t have to worry about it. Can I get pregnant?

Answer: It is recommended to check the endocrine. If you have any problems, you must treat it first.At the same time, check whether the fallopian tube is unobstructed and whether there is a problem with the man.If there is no problem, then detect follicles and ovulation, ovulation will be promoted if necessary, and test pregnancy will be guided.

Question 8: Age 40 years old, unbupported, fallopian tubes are not smooth, can you still get pregnant naturally?

Answer: At the age of 40, the best childbirth age has been passed, but it is not unable to get pregnant naturally.You must check the ovarian function at this age to see how your ovarian function is. Doctors will have a evaluation to see if the bottom is suitable for pregnancy.If it is suitable for pregnancy, while treating the fallopian tube, you need to check the centers and the men’s semen.After meeting the condition of pregnancy, hurry up.

Question 9: How can the polycystic ovary syndrome be ovulated normally and get pregnant smoothly?

Answer: The polycystic ovary syndrome is mainly infertility caused by ovulation disorders.Many patients with polycystic ovary syndrome feel that it can directly promote ovulation, but it is not.Patients with polycystic must not worry. They must first make the endocrine conditioning relatively normal, and the irregular menstruation conditioning is relatively normal and regular; the menstrual menstruation of the amenorrhea.First of all, the endocrine can meet the conditions, and then see if it can be restored to ovulation by itself.

Question 10: Doctor, thin sac, 105 catties, hormone six inspections promoting luteal production low, second review, lutein production is high. How to promote ovulation?

Answer: Although the thin sac does not need to lose weight, the appropriate amount of exercise per day also plays a positive role in the patient’s endocrine.In addition, endocrine conditioning must be performed first.When lean sacs are promoting, they need to be treated cautiously to avoid more follicles caused by follicles during discharge, or the ovarian is too happy.Ovulation must be performed under the monitoring of the doctor, and you must not take the medicine by yourself.

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