Putting the in -palace for birth device is still pregnant. Where did that "circle" go?

More than ten years ago, the palace internal babies disappeared and flew

More than ten years ago, a young woman placed the in -palace for contraception in the hospital, and then became pregnant a year later.Of course, it is not completely impossible to bring ring pregnancy. After all, any contraceptive method is not 100 % effective. She chose to give up pregnancy.In the process of doing artificial abortion, there was no inside of the palace. Therefore, the doctor and the woman thought that the ring had fallen out unknowingly, which could also happen.After that, she forgot the ring that was silently away from her.

Shock!The birthplace was in the abdominal camping camp

However, recently, the patient was hospitalized at the Shunyi Maternal and Child Health Hospital due to excessive vaginal bleeding.When improving the conventional admission examination, the abdomen B -ultrasound indicates that the liver and kidney are round and strong, and the possibility of a birthpool is still shocked when the doctor saw the result, because the incidence rate was very low.In order to further diagnose the abdominal flat, it is still prompted that there is an images of the right upper abdomen.Based on the patient’s previous condition and occasionally felt unwell in the right upper abdomen, the doctor finally determined that the ring did not leave her. On the contrary, it went deep into the abdominal camping. Now, what should I do?Continue to let it go and live with it?

There are many organs in our abdominal cavity, such as the intestines, liver, kidney, etc. The internal palaces are generally metal or metal components. When it is placed in the uterus for a long time, it may be swimming elsewhere.Since it can swim from the uterine cavity to the abdominal cavity, it is naturally possible to swim into other organs, such as the intestine and the bladder.It may not cause any symptoms in the gap between each organs, but if it causes intestinal perforation or liver fissure injury, it will be unimaginable, so be sure to take it out.

Tongtong Tongyouqian laparoscopy

So the doctor decided to get the object through the laparoscopic sac. This surgery imagined very simple. Entering the abdominal cavity, finding the birthplace, and taking it out, it is as if the elephant is locked in the refrigerator.Simple (laughing) … After entering the abdominal cavity, he couldn’t find the ring everywhere, so he had to think about "disadvantages".There are various important organs and large blood vessels in the abdominal cavity, and there are overlapping, crossing, and covering between various organs. The blood vessels are densely distributed like a net. The ring is small and the gap is very large. It is not easy to find.In the search process, we must be very careful to avoid all kinds of unnecessary damage, so there are some dangerous areas who do not dare to touch at the beginning, such as the upper edge of the liver and near the liver door.Wounds; liver door is a large blood vessel gathering area.

But now it is eliminated elsewhere, you must touch the minefield.In order to avoid damage as much as possible, doctors asked the B -ultrasound doctor to accurately locate the operating room for us, and then asked Deputy Dean Mixin, who is skilled in laparoscopic technology for the next surgical operation.With the cooperation of everyone, I finally found the little ring. It turned out that it was really under the fate of the liver, and it was stable in the small corner.It is not easy to find that ring. To open the soft liver and explore into its deep part, and the liver is easy to lake and bleed, and it cannot suture hemostasis. The amount of bleeding is often more carefully, so it must be extremely careful.When everyone held his breath and slowly explored it, it felt like he was grinning, but he still took it out quickly.

The shift of the birthplace does not follow the usual path

After taking out the ring, further explore the passage of the ring movement to the abdominal cavity, and the doctor found an old scar on the left back wall of the uterus. It should be the secret channel of the ring, but it has been healed at present, no need to deal with it.Patients with no obvious discomfort after surgery, vaginal bleeding stopped, and soon discharged home.

The shift of the in -palace is really rare, but it still needs to be paid attention to.As a medical worker, when a palace inner ring disappears, do not think of it for granted that the ring is falling. Considering the possibility of shift, you can make a flat tablet or make a B -ultrasound.As a patient, it is necessary to review it regularly after placing the in -palace to clear whether the ring is shifted or lost.If the above patients are reviewed on a regular basis, they may find that the ring is not there as soon as possible, and they will find the place of the ring, and at the same time, they can also avoid planning external pregnancy.Then take it out in time according to the placement period of different rings. For example, the validity period of the Man Yuele Ring is only 5 years, and the contraceptive effect will almost disappear after 5 years.And within one year of menstruation, no matter what ring the ring is, it must be removed, because there is no need for contraception at that time, and the longer the time the ring staying in the palace, the higher the chance of corrosion and displacement, the higher the probability of serious organs.

Supply: Huang Dan, Beijing Shunyi Women and Child Hospital

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