Preparing for pregnancy is best to quit smoking. The wife is pregnant and has no smoking quitting.


Mr. Zhang, 42, has smoked for more than 20 years. He has been smoking since he was young. After that, he was out of control. The smoke addiction was very large. He basically smoked a pack of half a half of the day.Mr. Zhang also knows that long -term smoking is harmful and healthy, but Mr. Zhang feels that he has smoked for more than 20 years, and he has been addicted to smoking, and it is difficult to quit.

The course of smoking for more than 20 years has made Mr. Zhang look a little bad. The face is relatively embarrassed, dark and yellow, and the lungs have become dark. He often feels cough, chest tightness, and shortness of breath. In severe cases, he will have difficulty in breathing.Mr. Zhang also tried to quit smoking, but often quit smoking for a day or two, and the addiction was committed. As a result, Mr. Zhang was very distressed than previous smoking.

Until his wife was pregnant, Mr. Zhang felt that he couldn’t smoke anymore, otherwise pregnant women and children grew up in the environment of smoking for a long time, which was very unfavorable to the health of pregnant women and children.Mr. Zhang made up his mind to quit smoking this time to give his wife and children a healthy living environment.

The process of quitting smoking is not as simple as imagination. When smoking addiction must be firm, you must be firmly abandoned, otherwise the addiction will become greater.Mr. Zhang tried again and again, and the end result was good. He quit smoking addiction.But for this reason, he was also worried that his wife was smoking early when she was pregnant. People said that it was best to quit smoking for pregnancy. Will there be any impact on the child?Is it more damaged?

Without a smoking quit wife is pregnant, children can also have it.Tobacco and alcohol will have some harm to the body, but it does not have an absolute impact on pregnancy. Of course, there are these factors, and the risks will be greater.Specifically, according to the individual’s situation, go to the hospital to conduct a check -ups on a regular basis to check whether it is normal, whether there is fetal heart, fetal buds, etc. The fetal examination of the fetus is normal, then it means that there is no impact on the health of the fetus.During pregnancy, we must be closely checked to observe the detailed situation of the fetus.

The preparations that husband and wife need to do before pregnancy:

It is best to prepare 3-6 months in advance for couples. Preparation mainly includes pre-pregnancy examinations, good living habits, and healthy diets.

1. Pre -pregnancy examination

Pre -pregnancy examination can help couples find factors that may affect pregnancy and increase the rate of eugenics.

Examinations that women need to do: blood routine, urine routine, reproductive system, ABO hemolysis, abnormal examination of chromosomes, etc.

Checks that men need to do: blood routine, urine routine, urinary system examination, sperm routine examination, and so on.

2. Good living habits

Avoid staying up late and maintaining abundant spirit; try to quit smoking and alcohol; exercise appropriately every day to improve physical fitness.

3. Healthy diet

Doctors suggest that both husband and wife should consume nutritional balanced diets composed of diverse foods, try to avoid ordering takeaway, eat some spicy and cold foods, light diet, eat more protein -rich foods, such as beef, eggs, milk, etc.; Women still remember to replenish folic acid in time.

There are a large number of harmful substances in tobacco, such as nicotine, tar and so on.For example, nicotine stimulates cell growth and lung cells decreases, resulting in thinner alveolar walls, and the end result is that lung function decreases.

Long -term smoking may cause respiratory diseases. For example, smoking can damage the bronchial and lungs, leading to chronic inflammation of the bronchi, which will further evolve into chronic obstructive lung, manifested as symptoms such as cough and chest tightness.

If it is not stopped, the disease may be worse, causing pulmonary heart disease or respiratory failure, and will seriously affect the quality of life of the patient; not only that, many carcinogens in tobacco will also damage the lungs, which may cause the lungs to occur in the occurrence of the lungs.Malignant tumors, and the incidence of lung cancer is higher than smoking.

Long -term smoking will cause irreversible damage to the lungs. For those who smoke for more than 20 years, the lungs have suffered considerable damage than ordinary people.They will have symptoms such as chest tightness, cough, asthma, and lung function will also be affected.

Through lung function testing, you can know the impact of the age of smoke on the lung function.Under normal circumstances, the lung capacity is reduced, the elasticity of the alveoli is weakened, and the blood flow of the lungs is reduced.

After quitting smoking, you can significantly reduce the intake of harmful substances in the lungs, so that the lungs can be "recuperated".When no smoking, the lung cleaning system can clean up the harmful substances that remain in the lungs, which is conducive to the recovery of the lungs.

The cause of the lungs black

Nicotine, tar and coke in tobacco are inflamed to the tissue that harmful the lungs, which further leads to increased melanin.The melanin accumulation cannot be discharged in the lungs, forming a "black lung", affecting lung health.The doctor reminds that the existence of melanin can be misdiagnosed by a pits for imaging for the lungs.

How to change the lung back to the original state

Although melanin is difficult to eliminate, after quitting smoking, the health of the lungs can be recovered. Do n’t worry too much. The method of turning the lungs is as follows:

1. Avoid the place where air pollution is severe

Inhale fresh air can help the lungs to restore health and reduce the pressure of the lungs. You can go to some fresh places such as forests and parks to walk and run.

2. Healthy diet

Avoid intake of spicy foods and eat more vitamin -rich foods, such as fresh vegetables and fruits.

3. Physical exercise

3-4 times a week, such as playing badminton, running, walking, etc., can promote blood circulation, strengthen lung function, and help exclude harmful substances in the lungs.

4. Drug treatment

Cycles of the lungs, such as slow lung blocking, can relieve symptoms through drug treatment and promote the healthy state of the lungs.

Doctors have something to say

The course of quitting smoking is difficult, but the results are pleasing.Quit smoking is not only responsible for lung health, but also responsible for family members, so that family members can avoid the harm of "second -hand smoke".For more than 20 years, the age of smoke has caused a lot of damage to the lungs, but as long as it is firmly quit smoking, it is relatively good for the recovery of the lungs.

I hope everyone can pay attention to the health of the lungs!

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