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The process of detecting women’s pregnancy is "pregnancy test".There are many ways to judge whether women are pregnant, such as urine testing, internal diagnosis, and B -ultrasound.Different detection methods are suitable for different times and different precautions.

Pregnancy testing is actually to detect whether women are pregnant. Although there are many methods for pregnancy testing, their principles are similar.After successful pregnancy, fertilized eggs will continue to produce a hormone (HCG).

This hormone will enter the blood of the expectant mothers, and discharge with urine with the urine after passing the kidneys.Therefore, judging whether pregnancy can detect the concentration of this hormone, when it reaches a certain concentration, it proves pregnancy.


Method of pregnancy

1. urine test

In the early stage of the formation of embryo plates, a woman’s body will produce a secretion called "chorionic gonadotropin", which will be excreted from the body with the urine.According to this principle, women’s menstruation can be passed by urine test after 14 days.Buying a pregnancy test test in a pharmacy is the same as the hospital’s urine test.

2. Internal diagnosis

After two weeks of pregnancy, the internal diagnosis of the obstetrics and gynecology department is basically zero error.Doctors can use their fingers to perform touch examinations to confirm whether they are pregnant, because the uterus will expand in the early stages of pregnancy, and at the same time, the cervix and the lower end of the uterine become softer.Although the internal diagnosis may make women feel uncomfortable and restrained, the impact on the fetus is almost zero, so expectant mothers do not have to worry.

3. Ultrasound

Around the 5th week after pregnancy (that is, the first formal check -up after pregnancy), the doctor will perform an ultrasonic examination for pregnant women.The main purpose of ultrasound examination is to understand the state inside the uterus, the size of the fetus, and the most important fetal heartbeat. At this time, the fetal heart sound can be obviously heard.

Whether the other placenta is normal, the number of tires, and whether the facial features of the fetus have a sound facial features, they also rely on ultrasound scanning during pregnancy to help confirm the diagnosis.


Pregnancy test time

Different methods have different detection time.Generally speaking, the best detection time is the seventh day after normal menstrual period, and the specific inspection method is as follows.

1. Early pregnancy test strip test time

The best time is 3-5 days after the delay of menstruation, and if two lines appear on paper, it means pregnancy.

2.B super check time

After 7 days of extension of the physiological period, you can detect this method.If you can observe the aura of pregnancy in the test, then it may be a mother.

4. Basic body temperature test early pregnancy time

This is the earliest way to judge whether women’s early pregnancy. Of course, it is also the most troublesome method, because it needs to persist at least one week’s body temperature.

5. Blood HCG detection of pregnancy time

Blood HCG testing is usually about 10 days after the same room, and goes to the hospital to detect the content of blood HCG in the blood.


Signs of pregnancy

1. Menstruation stop

Although the symptoms of "menopause" alone do not indicate that you are pregnant, it implies that your body has changed. You should see the doctor verify and find the cause.

2. Nausea, vomiting

This phenomenon is called "morning harm likes" because most pregnant women will feel disgusting in the morning.Part of it is due to your empty stomach, and blood sugar is reduced and vomiting. Although this phenomenon is called "morning harm", it can happen at any time.

Therefore, some women will put the "halo stickers" at work to prevent the inconvenience caused by day vomiting.

3. The taste is different from ordinary

The increase in hormones in the body also changes the secretion of saliva and causes the taste buds to change, including the metal smell in the oral cavity, which makes you taste strange foods abnormally, and what you often love look nasty and indifferent.

We have heard some of the pregnant women who have a very good response to the weird odor, such as the two odors of shoe oil and electrical oil.

4. Strange smell

If you think the smell of electric oil and shoe oil is weird, you can try your reaction: sniffing some of the once favorite smells will suddenly become strong and annoying, and you want to vomitwait.

5. fatigue

When you are pregnant, the body will increase the emissions of luteum, which is a hormonal with natural calming ability.

6. Frequent urination

When the embryo is formed in the mother’s body, the body secretes a hormonal (unknown Chinese translation name) called HCG. As luteal hormones surge, the blood operation of the bone bone area is accelerated.There is a need for toilet.

7. Sensitive and fragile breasts

Touching the breasts or breasts gently can also feel pain. At this time, the color of the breasts turns deep, the breasts will swell, and the vascular expansion to the naked eye can be visible.

8. change of body temperature

Women who measure the base temperature can know early pregnancy.The normal body temperature of women is a two -way curve, that is, it is low before ovulation, and increases after ovulation. If the menstrual period expires the future tide, it will no longer decrease after the body temperature rises, and it is maintained for more than 18 days.

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