Pregnant women’s skin itching during pregnancy?Beware of this disease is extremely harmful to the baby!

Li Tongyu felt special since he was a child.In the first grade, he broke his fingers and bandaging at the hospital. The blood test was just a good thing.The doctor got a result and said with a smile, you are Rh negative, panda blood, as precious as the national treasure.

Since then she has consciously rare.When playing and playing, she didn’t dare to want to want to want to say silently.She grew up smoothly, rarely "bleeding" incidents until she got married.

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Marriage is also lucky to her, and she meets a man who can disregard her.A vow, a ring, they became a pair of fairy lovers.At the age of 28, there was a son who went smoothly.

She was hanging on the ground with a heart, but she was very afraid of the production of her.A large amount of bleeding during production was an adventure.At the age of 35, Li Tongyu moved his second child’s mind, and she really wanted a soft and glutinous daughter.

Wrap all beauty on her, she can want to see a girl who grows up in a warm family.Her husband did not agree. She was uneasy when she first produced, and he looked at her eyes.

The more distressed her husband, the more she wants to regenerate a child for him.The second child really came, but she was not relaxed when she was pregnant for the first time -her elderly body was unbearable, and the first three months of pregnancy was more than pity.

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It was hard to cook until 37 weeks, and the pregnancy vomiting still did not stop. The belly that had been larger to the limit became watermelon skin, and it was covered with red and purple stretch marks.What is even more impatient is that the belly is not only itchy, the night all night does not sleep, and the appetite is poor.His face was yellow and scared.

Li Tongyu still wants to support it until 38 weeks, and wants to persist in giving birth.Go to the construction hospital in Xiangtan for examination. The doctor had seen her cases and test results, considering her special blood type and physical condition, and suggested that she go directly to Changsha to give birth.

She was panicked, and when she asked Xin Xiangyue through a friend, the residence doctor started the provincial green rescue channel as soon as possible after facing her.

Li Tongyu was diagnosed with bile stasis. Through experts, she judged that her pregnancy week was 38 weeks +6. The fetus was mature. She had a cesarean section.

Knowing that the cesarean section is bound to be, Li Tongyu’s heart hangs up again. Her panda blood will make her fall into a more dangerous situation than other women, and the second child is also very prone to hemolysis symptoms.

Xin Xiaoyu was accompanied by pre -delivery inspection. After learning about her concerns, she coordinated and arranged the outstanding expert of the provincial women and children.The child was born 5.5 pounds. It is a girl and is very healthy.

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Li Tongyu was happy, and thanks to the expert expert.Experts say that you have to thank me not only, but also to thank this nursing home. Fortunately, when you see the doctor in time, arrange the operation, the child is already hypoxic, and it may suffocate later.

Li Tongyu and his family were amazed and fortunate. Her husband Li Tongyu, who hurts his wife, decided at the moment, and signed a 42 -day monthly confinement.

Li Tongyu’s confinement this time is more comfortable than the first child. Her uterus is very successful, and the muscles can be recovered well. When the baby fruit is out of the moon, it grows to 10 pounds and is healthy and lively.With the help of Xin Xiaoyu, Guoguo successfully broke through the breastfeeding barrier, jaundice level …

Li Tongyu said that I didn’t think of spending so much money to go to the institution to confine. Now I want to come, this money is worth it.Be sure to spend money in terms of safety and health, and don’t be lucky.Thanks to my husband, he accompanied me day and night, like when we returned to love when we first started …

The best marriage is probably like this. I am making trouble. You are laughing and helping each other the next journey to start life.

Xin Xiangyue makes a footnote for every deep love, adds a sense of security to each family, so that every mother can calmly face the most difficult days in life, the original intention will not change!

Bile stasis during pregnancy

Only occur during pregnancy and disappear after pregnancy.Before the jaundice appears, itching, and jaundice is mostly light or moderate, and it is lighter than itching.In the middle and late pregnancy, the whole body itching appears, and it is more serious at night without special rash.

First, pregnant women are generally good after the onset, and the symptoms of the digestive system are not obvious;

The second is that itching is prominent and jaundice;

Third, liver function only has mild damage;

Fourth, postpartum condition does not worsen, and symptoms and jaundice quickly disappear.

This disease is harmful to the fetus, and it is easy to cause premature birth, low weight, dying death in the fetal palace, and suffocation of newborns.Once pregnant women have itching, they should be checked in time.

Before the emergence of itching or serum, the serum rotaninase rises before the height of the serum bile acid first, is a reliable indicator for early diagnosis.At present, there is no special effect of drug treatment. In order to prevent postpartum bleeding, vitamin K should be supplemented before childbirth.

When jaundice or custody prompts the fetus hypoxia may be hospitalized early, childbirth should be ended in time, and postpartum must be alert to major bleeding.(Responsible for Belle)

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