Pregnant women’s rhinitis don’t use medicine!These methods can reduce inflammation

Many people know that if you don’t pay attention to colds, it is easy to cause rhinitis, and once rhinitis has rhinitis, it will cause great troubles to the patient, and there are no special effects to cure, especially women during pregnancy.medicine.So what should I do if the rhinitis of pregnant women is committed? What can I eat effectively alleviate rhinitis during pregnancy?

What are the symptoms of rhinitis?

The common symptoms of rhinitis are that patients will feel dry throat, weak limbs, pain in the head, and even fever.With more snot than usual, the patient’s snot becomes as thin as water, but the nose in the later period will become more and more stronger.

1. Rhinitis during pregnancy

About 20%of pregnant women may have rhinitis, especially 3 months after pregnancy. Once the pathogenic factors are eliminated, rhinitis will be cured without leaving sequelae.It is mainly due to changes in body hormone in the body after pregnancy, and the level of estrogen increases, causing an allergic reaction of the nasal mucosa, leading to small blood vessel dilation, tissue edema, and strong glandular secretion. The clinical manifestations are symptoms such as nasal congestion, sneezing, and runny nose.Because this symptom occurs during pregnancy, it can be relieved after childbirth, so it is called rhinitis during pregnancy.

2. Acute rhinitis

Acute rhinitis is also called a cold.In the early stage, there were dryness, burning, and itching in the nose. After sneezing, a large amount of nose, stuffy nose, nasal congestion, decreased smell, fever in the whole body, dry pharyngeal, burnout limbs, and unwell.From the appearance, the nasal cavity will be a little red and swollen, and there are many viscosity secretions in the nasal cavity.

3. Allergic rhinitis

Allergic rhinitis is often caused by external allergens and has strong seasonality.Those who are sick all year round are called perennial allergic rhinitis, and only seasonal allergic rhinitis is called during the fixed season.The patient’s nasal mucosa will become pale, edema, and the nose is flowing water, which can also cause tears.

4. Chronic simple rhinitis

Chronic rhinitis is often developed from acute rhinitis, which is related to combined with secondary infection, incomplete treatment, and recurrence.

The main symptoms are nasal blockage, light or alternately, and the severe cases are persistent and nasal secretions increase.In severe cases, surgery is required.Chronic simplicity rhinitis is not treated for a long time, which can also cause chronic hypertrophic rhinitis. Chronic hypertrophic rhinitis can cause the patient’s nasal odor, and some yellow -green secretions will be produced in the nasal cavity.

What should I do if my noseitis is committed?

1. Wash the nose of salt water

The method of washing rhinitis in salt water is more respected in European and American countries.The saline was completely rinsed with the nasal cavity, and the allergens, germs, and inflammatory secretions in the nasal cavity were removed, so that the basis of rhinitis inflammation continued to develop, eliminating the swelling of the nasal mucosa, and thus eliminating the symptoms of rhinitis.

This method does not use any drugs, so it can be used with confidence for patients with rhinitis in pregnant women, but because it does not use any drugs, the effect of the effect is relatively slow.

2. Drug treatment

① nasal drop

Nasal congestion, runny nose and other symptoms of rhinitis occur during pregnancy. Doctors usually use local application of vascular contraction agents to relieve symptoms. Joblin nasal dripping fluid is the first choice, but it cannot be used for a long time.Essence

② anti -inflammatory drug

If purulent snot occurs, it is necessary to use anti -inflammatory drugs. Do not avoid the doctor. Doctors will choose drugs for pregnant women according to their condition.

③ spray

When conventional treatment is invalid, after removing the nasal secretion, nasal spray can be used, such as propionic acid pine fog agent, benoone gas fog, etc. When symptoms are severeLong -lasting Qu An Shi Song and so on.These are relatively less harmful to pregnant women.

3. Food conditioning

① Urgent and chronic rhinitis recipes

Breakfast: japonica, buckwheat, lentils, rapeseed, etc., such as: buckwheat porridge, white lentil porridge, hemp bean bean.

Lunch: rice, carrots, pork liver, eggs, cucumbers, such as: rice, carrot fried eggs, tip of the liver.

Add meals: Eat more fresh fruits in the meal, such as Sydney, Peach, etc.

Dinner: wheat flour, tomatoes, eggs, oil wheat, such as steamed buns, tomatoes fried eggs, garlic oil wheat.

② Dry rhinitis and atrophic rhinitis recipes

Breakfast: buckwheat, rice, cucumber, eggs, such as: cooking eggs, buckwheat porridge, mixing cucumber.

Lunch: rice, mushrooms, magnolia, trotters, loofah, such as: rice, mushroom magnolia hoof, loofah egg soup.

Add meals: Eat more cool fruits in the meal, such as Sydney, watermelon.

Dinner: rice, oil, pork, carrots, such as: rice, carrot shreds, garlic oil -wheat vegetables.

The above is about some methods for treating rhinitis in pregnant women. The method is very comprehensive and simple. Pregnant women can choose a method that suits them according to their actual situation to relieve their symptoms.However, it is recommended that the majority of pregnant women and friends must pay attention to keep warm during pregnancy to prevent the occurrence of colds, thereby reducing the risk of rhinitis.

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