Pregnant women’s medication: How to choose the best medication path

Medication during pregnancy has always been a hot topic for gynecologists and pregnant women.Pregnant women are sick during pregnancy, and they must be treated with drugs.But what drugs and how to use medicine can avoid the damage to the fetus while cure the disease, which is worth exploring.

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Nowadays, most pregnant mothers should no longer be entangled in the problem of "use without medication" during pregnancy, but should be more concerned about the "medication pathway" and "how to take reason".This is the progress of the times.

Modern Pharmacology believes that due to their specific physiology, pregnancy, pathological changes during pregnancy, women have different absorption and efficacy of different pharmaceutical dosage forms. This can reduce toxic and side effects to a certain extent.Failure to the health of eugenics and fetuses.

At present, the clinically used drug dosage forms are divided into dosage forms such as tablets, pills, capsules and injeing agents, qi mist inhalation, external agents, and supposks.What dosage formation of drugs is determined by the physical and chemical properties of the drug (such as solubility, disintegration, absorption, etc.), curative effects, and toxic side effects.

As we all know, different diseases require different drugs to treat, and the same drugs have different dosage forms.Therefore, choosing the correct dosage form and medication pathway can help the treatment and rehabilitation of the disease.For pregnant women, how should we choose the way to take medicine reasonably?

The pharmacist reminds that women during pregnancy should not only pay attention to choosing drugs carefully, but also well known to "the safety classification of pregnant women’s medication", and more importantly, consider the effects of drugs on the fetus;Pay attention to the way of administration to reduce the side effects of toxic and side by side and improve the efficacy.

Pregnant women should also be reasonably selected.For different individuals and diseases, choose convenient medications and methods.The first choice of external drugs, supposks, oral or qi fog agents, etc., are both safe and convenient, and economical. They use less injection, especially venous dripping, and have great side effects due to poisonous side effects.

1. Choose a convenient way to take medicine.

Such as preventing cardiovascular disease in pregnant women, the first choice of oral agents is both safe and convenient and affordable, such as compound Van Ginseng tablets and compound antihypertensive tablets.In particular, the body burden of pregnant women is increasing, physiological functional can reduce, the drug metabolism is slow, and the efficacy is relatively enhanced. Therefore, the medication should be appropriately reduced.Most of the pregnant women are preferred to take oral medications, and use less intravenous injection; the latter not only is expensive, but also causes various toxic and side effects, such as venous inflammation and allergic shock.

2. Choose different medications according to the disease of pregnant women.

Different diseases of pregnant women should choose different medications.For example, when the strong pine, Jiaqianglong, etc. are used for severe infection (such as peritonitis), a large dose of intravenous dripping should be used to work quickly and avoid too much side effects.Small doses and long -term oral.When the galcin is used for intestinal infection, it should be administered orally to actively act on the gastrointestinal tract; and the systemic infection caused by chlorpheniae should be injected, so that the concentration of the blood medicine is sterilized throughout the body.

3. Select different medications according to the physical and chemical properties of the drug.

Drugs with stable physical and chemical properties, acid -resistant and resistant, optional oral administration methods, such as erythromycin tablets, vitamin B1, B2, ammonia crickets, etc.Rhminoin is not absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract, and these drugs should be made into injection.Drugs that are easily damaged in the liver cannot take oral administration, such as nitroglycerin, quick -acting saving Xinxin pill, and make slices under the tongue.

1. Preferring medicine.

Under the premise of selecting safety drugs, if possible, first use external drugs, qi mist inhalation, suppositories or oral agents, and use less injection (especially intravenous drip), so as to varying degreestoxic side effect.

2. Do not pick any medicine.

Pregnant mothers should also pay attention to that the way to take medicine cannot be selected at will.Some pregnant women think that oral medicine is not as fast as the injection medicine is effective and has a strong effect. As long as they feel uncomfortable, they are required to get injections or hang saline; while some pregnant women are just the opposite of them.In fact, these two ideas are very one -sided, which not only affects the curative effect, but also aggravate side effects.

3. Different medications can be selected in a certain disease.

Generally speaking, the pathway of the medication cannot be changed at will, and a dose type of the drug determines its medication path; but for the medication of a certain disease, you can choose different dosage forms and medication pathways.Pregnant women need to be the same, so as to better reduce the side effects of drugs.

Text/Lu Jizong Director Pharmacist Wuxi City People’s Hospital

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