Pregnant women’s anemia is also anemia!Will anemia be inherited?


In the first half of last year, because it was a second child, I didn’t pay much attention. Later, I was checked in the second trimester. Iron deficiency anemia was checked. The normal value was 110. Mine was more than 90. I didn’t pay much attention, because it was close to the normal value.I usually eat more red dates, pork liver or so on, and later have been anemia and did not pay much attention.Later, after giving birth to a baby at the beginning of this year, the child was only more than 4 pounds, which was smaller than the normal baby. After two months of checking, I found that it was iron deficiency anemia! Will anemia be inherited?

In addition, I found that in addition to the child’s deficiency anemia, my postpartum recovery was particularly slow. The cesarean section was born. Other treasure mothers in the same period were recovered, and my wounds kept infected.The doctor said that it may be because of anemia, low immunity, and slow wound healing.

Infant anemia

Expert summary

Iron deficiency anemia is not a genetic disease, but it is not uncommon for infant anemia due to anemia due to anemia, because the nutritional reserves of the fetus depend on the mother’s body.Iron deficiency anemia is a typical example.Iron deficiency anemia for infants and young children is more than 6 months old. Because the iron stored in the body can only be maintained for about 6 months, and the supplementary food is improper, the breast milk is not nutritious enough, and the iron deficiency anemia is the high incidence of infant.

Pregnant women should try to avoid anemia due to their physical need and fetal development, and need to prepare for childbirth. Although it is a minor anemia, it should also pay great attention, otherwise the consequences are unimaginable.The fetus is in high -speed development every day. The short -term nutritional lack of nutrition will have an irreversible impact on the fetus. The formation of intelligence and physical development have high requirements for nutrition, especially iron elements, but many pregnant mothers don’t care.The incident caused the fetus to develop slowly, prematurely, and slow postpartum recovery. It had a profound negative impact on the future development of the baby, and it was not good for postpartum recovery.

Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant mothers try to avoid anemia and discover that anemia should be treated in time.Most of the anemia of pregnant women is mostly iron deficiency anemia. Professional hospitals will recommend pregnant mothers to treat iron supplements. Common pregnant women with iron have iron margins, which can directly supplement iron to produce blood.The harm caused by anemia to mother and baby.It is necessary to know that the nutritional needs during pregnancy are large, and the general diet is difficult to solve the nutritional problems of maternal and infants.

In addition to the necessary iron, it is also necessary to strengthen iron supplementation in the diet. Animal foods contain more iron and high -quality protein.Pregnant mothers should not worry too much about getting fat and picky eaters; in addition, eat more VCs, you can be satisfied with fresh fruits and vegetables, or you can eat some VC slices to promote iron absorption and indirect iron and blood.

During pregnancy, it is a magical journey.Pregnant mom Mi cut "hereditary" the anemia was "inherited" because of carelessness, and it hurts the child’s physical strength and intelligence.

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