Pregnant women supplement folic acid beneficial baby health

In the early stages of pregnancy, women pay attention to nutritional intake, and physical conditioning. For folic acid, only some women are taking it.There are many women who do not know the effects of folic acid, so they do not take folic acid in time. Xiaobian will take you to understand the importance of supplementing folic acid for pregnant women.

The rabbit lips and jaw cracks are frequent in British new babies, and there will be at least one case every 1,000.Its formation occurred in the early days of women’s pregnancy. If the upper jaw bone on the fetus was not developed and could not be combined, congenital defects would occur.”Treatment is not an easy task. It not only needs multiple operations, but also requires language treatment to fill the problems caused by defects.

According to the analysis of research staff, this congenital defect has a lot to do with genetic genes.If two children born to a woman are rabbit lips or other defects, then her third child may increase the possibility of the same disease by 30 to 40 times.

Medical experts, pregnant women usually eat more folic acid -rich vegetables or foods to reduce the possibility of babies in congenital defects.And before that, scientific research staff found that folic acid can not only care for the brain to avoid damage, but also effectively prevent babies from spine bales, which can reduce the chance of baby’s disease.According to experts, if women supplement the appropriate amount of folic acid during pregnancy, they will greatly reduce the opportunity to suffer from leukemia during the growth process.In addition, they also found that folic acid does not destroy genetic genes, and it may have something to do with cancer of adults such as breast cancer and colon cancer.Research staff at the British Institute of Cancer have studied the folic acid content in pregnant women and the possibility of infant leukemia.

So what is folic acid? What role does it have for the human body?

Research staff focused on the impact of naphthalete tetrahydrinic acid reduction enzymes on physical health. As a result, this composition has the characteristics of promoting folic acid metabolism, leading to gradually decreased the content of folic acid in the human body.Some human body has a mutant gene for naphthalenete tetraonic acid reduction enzymes. It allows restoration enzymes to promote the function of folic acid metabolism.possibility.

Scientists have studied 253 British children with leukemia and compared the research results with the information of healthy children.Experts have found that children with mutation genes in the body are lower than children with normal genes.According to similar scientific research on relevant staff, it was found that if a woman is taking a folic acid during pregnancy, the opportunity for infants to be leukemia will be halved.Therefore, pregnant women with British doctors should usually supplement folic acid appropriately, which will be beneficial to infant health.

Through the above understanding, taking folic acid has some benefits for fetal development. So what are the precautions for taking folic acid?

1. Dose and sequelae: When women are three months before pregnancy to three months after pregnancy, taking O.4 mg of folic acid increase agents every day can prevent most of the fetal nerve tube deformity.The lack of the most direct consequence is that the fetal nerve tube deformity can be caused.Therefore, before pregnancy, she started taking folic acid to maintain folic acid in women’s body at a certain level to ensure that there is a good nutritional state of folic acid in the early days of the embryo.You can play the best prevention effect.Experts also reminded that if pregnant women take folic acid tablets in the early pregnancy, they may have a bad impact on pregnant women and fetuses.Therefore, do not abuse drugs during pregnancy, even the same drug should be divided into dosage type.Women should take folic acid under the guidance of a doctor. In addition, pay attention to the following points:

2. Must be taken from one month before pregnancy.It is emphasized that the purpose of starting before pregnancy is to keep the folic acid in women’s body at a certain level to ensure that the embryo has a good nutritional state in the early days.According to research, after 4 weeks of folic acid, women can be corrected by the deficiency of folic acid in the body.In this way, in the sensitive period of formation of fetal nerve tubes in the early pregnancy, enough folic acid can meet the needs of the development of the nervous system, and it is necessary to adhere to taking it in the first three months of pregnancy to play the best prevention effect.

3. Do not use "folic acid tablets" instead of "small dose folic acid supplement".Folic acid increase agent contains only 0.4 mg of folic acid in each tablet, which is the only prevention of drugs approved by the state (the name of the product is "Slian").There is a "folic acid tablets" for treating anemia in the market, each with 5 mg of folic acid, which is equivalent to 12.5 times that of folic acid tablets.Pregnant women should not take this large -dose folic acid tablets in the early pregnancy, because long -term large doses of folic acid tablets will have a bad effect on pregnant women and fetuses.Therefore, it is reminded that pregnant women should listen to the guidance of doctors and health staff, and avoid taking medicines and buying medicines.Folic acid tablets [Main effects] 1. Prevention of fetal nerve tube deformity (no cerebral deformity, spinal baptism), an effective rate of 85%.2. Prevention of fetal lip and palate, with an effective rate of 50%.3. Prevent fetal defects such as fetal heart disease and other body surface deformities.4. Prevent pregnant women, breasts and fetal anemia.5. Promote the development of fetal nervous system.6. Reduce baby mortality.7. Reduce pregnancy reaction.

By understanding that everyone must understand the importance of taking folic acid in pregnant women.Then do not blindly take folic acid. Remember to take three precautions to take folic acid. Do not take it wrong, otherwise it will bring bad consequences.

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