Pregnant women often have spring dreams during pregnancy. Does it affect the fetus?

Some pregnant women will have a spring dream during pregnancy.This not only makes pregnant women feel ashamed, but also worry that too much "spring dream" may affect the health of the fetus.

This concern is mainly because pregnant women have less knowledge about this aspect.

Why does the "spring dream" frequent during pregnancy?

1. The impact of hormones

The main reason for the frequent occurrence of "spring dreams" during pregnancy is the impact of hormones in pregnant women.

After pregnancy, pregnancy luteal and placenta will secrete a large amount of estrogen and progesterone. These hormones can cause the pregnant woman’s body to be more sensitive, which frequently causes spring dreams.

2. Rehabilitation of physiological needs

After pregnancy, for the health of the fetus, most pregnant women will choose to refuse sex, but pregnant women still have normal physiological needs, especially under the stimulation of high -level hormones.

When the physiological needs are not met, it will affect the mental thinking of pregnant women. There is a phenomenon of dreaming and dreams, that is, the physiological needs that pregnant women have been restrained, will be presented when they dream at night.

3. Emotional stimulation

During pregnancy, the mood of pregnant women will become very sensitive, and it is easy to be stimulated by the feelings of emotional factors in film and television and books, thereby generating associations and presenting it when dreaming.

Will "spring dreams" cause harm to the fetus during pregnancy?

It is normal to do spring dreams during pregnancy. Generally, it will not affect the fetus, and pregnant women do not have to worry too much.

However, some pregnant women will have a climax in the spring dream, which will cause the pregnant woman’s body to release prostaglandins and stimulate the occurrence of contractions.

This may make the pregnant woman’s stomach tighter and harden, but this contraction is pseudo -contractions, and it can soon recover by itself without harming the pregnant woman and the fetus.

If it is a pregnant woman with early pregnancy or unstable fetus, there may be contraction and bleeding or frequent fetal movement.If spring dreams cause contractions and accompanied by abdominal pain and bleeding, or the manifestation of belly pain the next day, go to the hospital for examination in time.

How to reduce the frequency of "spring dreams"?

Although Chunmeng generally does not affect the fetus, Chunmeng is too frequent, which may be troublesome to pregnant women, and it may be unfavorable to unstable fetus.Therefore, pregnant women can use the following methods to reduce the frequency of spring dreams.

1. Dynamic attention

First of all, pregnant women should relax their mood. Do not be too nervous if you do spring dreams. You do n’t have to think about it. You can chat, listen to music, etc. to divert your attention.

2. Reduce stimulation

Because pregnant women are more sensitive and are vulnerable to emotional stimuli, they must be appropriate to watch some film and television works or romance novels, and reduce emotional stimuli.

3. Use appropriate ways to solve physiological needs

Pregnant women should not blindly restrain their physiological needs, which will be counterproductive.

Many scholars have proven after passing a large number of examples that without the history of pregnancy pathology and couples in a healthy state, sexual life during pregnancy can be properly carried out, and the harmonious husband and wife relationship is more conducive to the physical and mental pleasure of pregnant women during pregnancy.

However, it is recommended not to wait for the fetus in the early stages of pregnancy or the third trimester.In the middle of pregnancy, the fetus is relatively stable and can be appropriately lived in husband and wife, but pay attention to frequency and intensity.

Warm reminder of health doctrine:

Pregnant mothers do spring dreams are a normal physiological phenomenon. Do not feel ashamed or worry about the fetus because of this.However, if it is too frequent or found that there is abdominal pain or vaginal bleeding, you should seek medical treatment in time.

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