Pregnant women in summer are afraid of heat, how to correct heatstroke and cool down?

I am afraid of hot pregnancy

Enter the super hot summer

Pregnant mothers have a big stomach and it’s harder


Prevention measures should be appropriate for pregnant women

And consider your own special circumstances

1. Less at high temperature periods

In summer, expectant mothers should try to go out in the morning or evening, and minimize going out during high temperature periods, especially between 10 and 16 o’clock, because this time is strong, high in temperature, and it is easy to heatstroke.

2. A peaceful mentality

In daily life, you must be calm, you must not be irritable and excited.

3. Life law

The life of a pregnant woman must be regular, so as to "get up early at night and get up to the day."After the morning, properly participate in some sports activities that can be able to improve the body temperature adjustment function and enhance the tolerance of heat; after lunch, proper nap.

In the evening, you should not lie down and lie down, let alone lying on the wind. The position of the fans and air conditioners is not good for pregnant women.

In addition, you can choose other methods of avoiding heat and cooling to make yourself feel comfortable.Swimming is a more suitable exercise for pregnant mothers, which can relieve physical discomfort caused by sedentary, and keep yourself cool.

However, it should be noted that you must swim in the fewer people and clean swimming pools to prevent accidents due to a mess.

4. Preventive stroke and wetting

The heat is hot and wet. When pregnant women go out, wear a hat or hit the umbrella to block the direct irradiation of the sun.

The clothes of pregnant women should be wide and cool. For a long time, the wet clothes sweaty shirt should be changed frequently to prevent heat and dampness.

5. Light diet

The digestive function of pregnant women in the midsummer is poor, the diet should be regular, and regularly and quantitative.Dietary cameras should be soft and easy to digest, light and nutritious, and eat more fresh vegetables, fruits and fish, shrimp, chicken, lean meat, soy products, etc.

In addition, pregnant mothers should eat more light and digestible foods, eat less cold and greasy foods, and reduce the intake of human heat.

For example, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables such as cucumber, tomatoes, lentils, and light soups such as chicken soup, shredded pork soup, shiitake mushroom soup, etc. It can also be eaten frequently. It can also supplement water while supplementing nutrition.

6, sufficient sleep

It is important to maintain adequate sleep.Because the summer is short, the temperature is high, the human body is strong, the consumption is also large, it is easy to feel fatigue, maintaining adequate sleep, can relax the brain and the system of the body, and it is also an effective measure to prevent heat stroke.

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