Pregnant women have abdominal pain after eating chicken for 2 days, and they are sent to the hospital urgently!Plasma filter out several bags of oil

When it comes to fried chicken

Does some people start drooling?

(Yes, it’s me)

Crispy chicken skin

Fresh and juicy chicken

Sprinkle with cumin powder and chili noodles

Take a bite and hear the creaky sound

It’s just delicious on earth

But slow

Look at what these are these?Intersection

Oil?Fat?Put it in a transparent bag?

If you think so

Then DV Jun can only tell you: you are wrong!

The fat from the blood

I’m afraid there are not many people

I have seen such a full bag …

Where do these come from

Start here to start from here


Some time ago

Ms. Li, a pregnant woman who is pregnant at 26 weeks of pregnancy in Panyu, Guangzhou

Because of "eating for food", after eating chicken for two consecutive days

He was rushed to the hospital ICU

what happened?

Will there be such serious consequences to eat fried chicken?


At that time, Ms. Li suddenly had abdominal pain after eating fried chicken

After that, the family quickly sent her to the hospital

After the inspection

The blood test report surprised the medical staff

Doctor: "She is a very extreme hyperlipidemia, which is higher than the upper limit of the examination: greater than 50 mmol/L.

After the inquiry, the doctor learned

Ms. Li has eaten fried chicken steak for two consecutive days

Cause hyperlipidemia

Then lead to acute severe pancreatitis

"Pregnant women did not detect blood lipids, which led to

Extractional blood lipids "

The situation is very critical

If it is not treated in time, it may develop into severe pancreatitis at any time

It will even endanger

The life of her and the fetus

She was transferred to icu that day

Perfect the whole plasma replacement and separation of plasma replacement treatment

The waste liquid filtered by the blood through the filter

You can see obvious layered oil


"Oil" separated from lipoprotein

There are a few bags …

Timely processing

Soon, Ms. Li turned dangerous into peace

Seeing this, the neighborhoods may have doubts

But just eat a fried chicken

How can there be serious consequences?

In this regard, Director Liu Yunsong, ICU Hospital, said

In fact, fried chicken is just a cause

The culprit of Ms. Li’s onset is actually

Primary hyperlipipipipipipipipipipatesatesureure

This disease may not show obesity

Doctor: Like most of us, high blood lipids are due to the diet, and high cholesterol is caused by changes in age.However, some part of the genetic defects of genetic genes can cause disorders of fat and cholesterol metabolism.

Today (25th) noon

In the ICU ward of Prayer Hospital, the reporter saw

Another patient with acute explosive pancreatitis

Mr. Wang

His symptoms are more dangerous than Ms. Li

Multi -organ failure has appeared when he was sent to the hospital

Fortunately passed by

Two weeks of treatment and three -day plasma replacement

The current situation has improved

He told reporters

I was also informed by the hospital in the previous medical examination

High blood lipids

But I didn’t pay much attention to myself

In this regard, Director Liu Yunsong said:

If there are abnormal blood lipids in the normal medical examination, you must combine the reference family genetic conditions and tendencies. If necessary, you can consider doing genetic testing."If you have any, you must pay attention to less fat. You must pay attention to avoiding foods of the internal organs of animals."


Regular physical examination is still necessary

At least know your body index

Is there any exceeding standard

Of course

Although fried chicken makes you unable to resist

But there is one to say, DV Jun still has to persuade

Occasionally you can, but you can’t eat frequently

Be sure to maintain a balanced nutrition

After all, our health is the most important!

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