Pregnant women eat more fruits?Maternal Inspection Doctor: Some fruits, you need to eat less deliciously

The economy is rich, the quality of life has also improved, and each family attaches more attention to the nutritional requirements of pregnant women.Vegetables and fruits should be fresh and delicious.Especially fruits, the more expensive the more nutritious.As long as the pregnant woman eats it, she doesn’t care about money.But do pregnant women eat fruits?

The daughter -in -law of the neighbor’s house has been particularly obsessed with the smell of durian since she got pregnant.She said that she had never eaten before, and she did not know how she liked it.

Her husband loved her particularly.I heard that durian is very tonic, and I am worried that the daughter -in -law is not nutritious.Every few days, you will buy a durian home.At the time of delivery, I found that the sugar in the body was high, and the baby was much larger.The doctor said that it may have something to do with excessive durian.

Although it has been controlled in the later period, the baby is still too good. In the end, he gave birth to a fat boy of 8.8 pounds.When the neighbor’s daughter -in -law said, she regretted it, saying that she did not control the amount of fruit, and she was afraid that the baby’s health would leave a hidden danger.

Indeed, although fruits are good, vitamins are rich, but most sweet and high in sugar.This is also what many pregnant women need to pay attention to.Eating too much will make the pregnant woman’s body high in the body, and the baby’s weight exceeding the standard is not a good thing.

Today, my parents have a strong awareness of health. They all know that the fetus is too big. It is no longer extravagant baby. What we want is only a healthy baby.

Therefore, the doctor’s instructions told that eating fruit should be cautious, and some fruits should not eat or eat less.

1. Durian

Durian is known as the "King of Fruit".The nutrition is really high. Pregnant women can eat it, but don’t eat more, because the calories and sugar in durian meat are too high, and it is particularly easy to grow meat.

Many people say that durian is very supplemented, right.But pregnant women remember not to treat durian as a supplement.Eating more is easy to increase the sugar in the body of pregnant women.

There are many examples of sugar testing during pregnancy, and the baby’s estimated weight is too heavy.The last babies they gave birth to a lot greater greater than ordinary babies.In fact, this is not only unfavorable to the baby’s health, but also increases the risk of pregnant women.

It is okay to eat durians for pregnant women, and the amount of eating should be controlled each time.It is best not to exceed 100 grams, that is, the amount of oranges we usually eat.

2. Litchi

Now it is the season of lychee. Litchi has a lot of thick meat. Many pregnant women like it very much. The seasonal fruit is also good.

You can be sweet, high sugar, and easy to get angry when you eat it. In addition, if you have slow gastrointestinal motility during pregnancy, it is recommended not to eat it, which may cause constipation.

Share a way to eat with our local people who are rich in litchi, saying that soaking lychee with salt water will not be too angry after eating.You can eat one or two solutions.

3. Papaya

In the past, some people would eat papaya for contraception.This also indirectly tells us that papaya is not good for fertility!

Therefore, pregnant women are not suitable for eating papaya, and eating will make the baby in the belly unstable.

4. Hawthorn

Some pregnant women have a bad appetite during pregnancy, and they always want to eat some sour relief.Hawthorn is sour fruit.

It is recommended not to eat.Because hawthorn eats too much, the baby may want to stay in the mother’s belly, sometimes it is not easy to keep it.

In fact, when eating fruits, it is not only necessary to pay attention to whether these fruits above can be eaten.

1. The right amount of fruits is good

Anything, replenish it, and eat too much.Even if the body’s background is good, there is nothing to avoid, and you should pay attention to it in moderation.Excessive, great damage to the body.Especially for pregnant women, be careful.Only when the mother is healthy can the baby be healthy.

2. Seasonal fruit is better

There are too many types of fruits today, as long as you want to eat it, you can basically buy it.Unfortunately, many of them are shantyas.Personally, it is better that pregnant women eat better season, and it is best to choose natural maturity.

3. Eat less cold

Because of the environment, the physique of many pregnant women is also cold.In the choice of fruits, eat less cold, eat more body colder, and affect the baby’s congenital constitution.

4. Eat some warm fruits

Such as apples, cherries, peaches, etc.Apple is particularly good.When I was pregnant, one apple did not break every day.Because Apple can promote digestion and promote intestinal peristalsis, there is no constipation throughout pregnancy.

Of course, each person’s constitution is different, and the type of fruit that can be selected is different.Pregnant women can choose a fruit that suits them according to their physical condition and eat in moderation.

In general, not only should fruit pay attention to consumption, but also pay attention to adjustment in the entire diet.What you eat, what your baby absorbs, it directly determines the baby’s health.

I hope everyone can spend the pregnancy steadily and give birth to a healthy baby!

Today’s topic: What do you think of eating fruits during pregnancy?

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