Pregnant women came to Xi’an on a high -speed rail, but suddenly they were in the basin … Just in the car, there are obstetricians in the car

Source: Shaanxi Metropolis Express

At about 21:00 on September 8th

A team of "Lily Flower" team from the Xi’an Passenger Transport EMU

Value -by -duty G1711 train

After driving from Daichi South Station

Train staff found a pregnant woman traveler

Sudden physical discomfort

Kneel on the door of the toilet …

Train staff: "When I arrived at the scene, I found that pregnant women had kneeling on the ground, and there were some bleeding. It is more coincidentally. There was just a doctor and gynecological doctor in our car. She also arrived at the scene at this time."

It is understood that the pregnant woman has been pregnant for 38 weeks and took the high -speed rail from Tianjin to Xi’an on the same day. I did not expect that she was suddenly uncomfortable on the way.The railway staff quickly contacted the customer to ask for a temporary parking at the nearest station and called 120.Through examination, the doctor found that the baby was already in the basin and might be produced on the train.

Train staff: "We quickly took out the production bags, hemostatic clamps, iodine and gauze in the medicine box for later use, because the pregnant woman was a first tire, and her mood was relatively tense. She did not know how to work hard. We didThe flight attendant has been encouraging her next to it. "

At 21:47, passengers successfully gave birth to a baby girl on the train, but the doctor found that the baby’s condition was not very good.

Train staff: "We contact 120 while seeing how long it can be available.

Finally, in the doctor’s emergency assistance and the continuous call of train staff, the newborn made a cry, and the people and the mother at the scene shed tears.

Train staff: "We stopped temporarily at Weibei Station, and the ambulance was about to reach the scene immediately. We wrapped the child with a cold blanket and handed the mother and the baby to the staff of Weibei Station."

Thanks to the rescue of the mother and daughter peace in time, the mother is currently undergoing further examination and treatment in the hospital.

Source: urban hotline

Reporter: Jian Yunshan

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