Pregnant women are prone to 5 kinds of nutrients, causing fetal treasure deformity, stupidity, and disease, how to prevent

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Yang Zhenning: Pregnant women are the hope of society, and the fetus is the future of the future!

And the future of the fetus, everything depends on whether pregnant women protect the health of the fetus during pregnancy!

Many mothers feel indifferent when they are pregnant. Anyway, my mother can’t eat enough when she is pregnant. I don’t have to come to this world clever and healthy.

That was indeed that there were no defects for birth, and there were no check -ups, and even gave birth to children at home.

However, in the past, the child’s death was also very high. The probability of the child had a high probability of the child. In order to allow us to be born with a healthy and intelligent birth, we should pay attention to various precautions when we are pregnant. In addition to the production inspection, we mustIn addition, the more important thing is to have balanced nutrition!

When pregnant mothers ingest food, they are not just for their own nutrition, but also for the nutrition of the fetus. Some nutrients also affect the health of the baby.

1 type: folic acid

Folic acid is mainly in our vegetables, but folic acid has a higher loss rate in natural food.

Therefore, we recommend that pregnant mothers eat folic acid for three months in advance when preparing for pregnancy, and eat until our early pregnancy end, that is, to eat folic acid for half a year, which can make the folic acid reserves in our body richer.

Because folic acid plays an important role in the synthesis of the fetus DNA, in the early days of life, DNA synthesis is very active, so more folic acid is needed. Once a lack of folic acid, it can cause neurotransmidal deformities, which can cause the fetus to have no brain brain.Or severe deformity such as spine cracks!

Therefore, we need to add folic acid to the relevant community hospitals with the identity card of both parties, to receive it for free from the health center or the maternal and child health hospital.

Second type: Iron

According to the "References for Dietary Nutrition of Chinese Residents", normal women consume 20 mg of iron per day, while in the middle and second trimester of pregnancy, 24 mg and 29 mg of iron are required daily.

But the reality is that many women do not like to eat meat in order to control the weight. The internal organs of animals are far away. In addition, they will lose a lot of iron every month, so the iron deficiency anemia has itself.

This kind of iron deficiency after pregnancy will be more obvious!

When the mother lacks iron, the hemoglobin is insufficient, the concentration of hemoglobin decreases, and the ability to transport oxygen is insufficient, which will cause the pregnant woman and the fetus to be in a state of hypoxia.Unexpectedly affected.

Studies have found that: anemia during pregnancy and infant anemia are the most common causes of children’s low IQ!

Therefore, it is recommended that the mother can test a blood routine when preparing for pregnancy. If there is iron deficiency anemia, it can be severely taken under the guidance of a doctor. It is not serious to adjust it through daily daily diet.

Increase your iron reserves and then get pregnant. After pregnancy, you must also go to the birth check -up on time. During the checkup, it is found that anemia should also be supplemented by iron supplementation.

Third type: calcium

Many pregnant mothers say that they feel that the cramps are likely to be due to calcium deficiency. The mature fetus contains about 30 mg of calcium, which comes from the mother’s supply.

Therefore, it is recommended that mothers take at least 1,000 mg of calcium per day in the second trimester, and at least 1,000 mg of calcium per day.

Drink 400 ~ 600 ml of milk a day, coupled with daily diet, eat more soy products, as well as shrimp skin, sesame sauce, laver, and some green leaves, can also supplement calcium well.

If the mother’s calcium deficiency during pregnancy will affect the development of the fetus, it will cause the child to be more likely to dental caries after birth.

4th type: Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a kind of vitamin that is very easy to be ignored.

Many pregnant mothers dare not use too many cosmetics after pregnancy, so they dare not go out often, or wrap themselves tightly when they go out. There is no way to accept ultraviolet rays.

There is no way to accept the exposure of ultraviolet rays, and we have no way to synthesize sufficient vitamin D, and if vitamin D is insufficient, it may cause children to get sick after birth.

Therefore, we recommend that the mother must buy a calcium tablet with vitamin D while supplementing calcium during pregnancy, or directly supplement vitamin D to prevent the lack of vitamin D and affect the health of the fetus.

5th type: DHA

Eat the sea fish 2 to 3 times a week plus 2 to 3 times of freshwater fish.

I found that it is not that many families can do it. It is recommended to eat more flaxseed oil and perilla oil, but many people feel that linenseed oil and perilla oil are not only expensive, but they are hard to eat.It is very likely that DHA is not enough!

If DHA is insufficient, it will affect the development of the fetal brain and retinal.

According to the World Health Organization and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization and Fatty Expert Committee in 2008, the daily intake of pregnant women is 200 mg. It is recommended to eat 2 to 3 meals a week. At least one meal is high -fat fish.For example, salmon, tuna, sardines, cod.

Also eat one egg every day, or drink some pregnant women’s milk powder containing DHA. If you can’t do it, you can add additional DHA.

So do not forget to make up for these five kinds of nutrients during pregnancy.

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