Pregnant women are not easy to hurt the baby, teach you the best lying posture during pregnancy!

After pregnancy, because the activity of expectant mothers is about the health of themselves and the baby’s two babies, they should pay great attention in all aspects.Momo once suffered a loss in sleep. One -third of a person spent one -third of a day spent in sleep, so after pregnancy, he should pay attention to his posture. Incorrect sleeping positions may beWhat kind of sleeping position should be taken during pregnancy?

Generally speaking, a total of 280 days of pregnancy can be roughly divided into early, middle and late pregnancy, and the requirements for sleeping postures during different pregnancy are also different.

Early pregnancy: Generally refers to the first three months of pregnancy.In the past three months, the growth and development of the fetus are relatively slow. The mother’s abdomen will not be obvious, and the external force or self -oppression will not be very strong.Therefore, the sleeping posture of pregnant women should be based on comfort, and the posture of supine or side should be used.If expectant mothers have the habit of sleeping on their stomachs before pregnancy, they should be corrected immediately after pregnancy.

In the middle of pregnancy: Because the stomach is obvious and it is easy to cause damage, pregnant mothers should pay attention to protecting their belly and avoid the direct effect of external forces on the abdomen.Sleeping.If the expectant mother feels the heavy lower limbs or edema, it may be the vein of the lower limbs compressed the lower limbs, which affects the blood flow. At this time, you can take a supine position and use a soft pillow to raise the calves and feet.The phenomenon of edema and the discomfort of the lower limbs.

Late pregnancy: Generally refers to the last three months of pregnancy.During this period, the fetus is basically mature in the mother’s body, and the requirements for blood supply and oxygen supply have become higher. Pregnant women must adopt a sleeping position, preferably the left side.Because the right side of the right side or supine can compress the lower cavity veins, cause reduction of blood volume, and prone to hypotension. At this time, the fetus will have strong agitation in the mother’s belly, which will affect the mother’s sleep quality.During this period, if the sleeping position is improper, pregnant women can obviously feel their physical discomfort.

Sleeping position on the left side is not required to keep the expectant mothers always keep this sleeping position, but I just hope that they can adopt this sleeping position. After all, keeping the same sleeping position all night will bring physical discomfortEssencePregnant women can make appropriate adjustments according to the situation, but when you receive the uncomfortable signal (such as pressure, shortness of breath, dizziness, etc.) sent by the baby, you must immediately adjust the sleeping position on the left lying position to avoid badness to cause adversenessInfluence.

The later, the harder the expectant mother, sometimes it is difficult to turn over and activities. At this time, the prospective father should care about his wife more and give assistance when the wife is in difficulty to move to avoid making the expectant mother too hard.I hope that every expectant mother can spend the whole pregnancy safe and happy!

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