Pregnant women are 2 hours a day during pregnancy?I advise everyone not to do this

Recently, a woman’s news that a woman still fit for nearly 2 hours after 37 weeks of pregnancy has attracted widespread attention on the Internet.

According to Ms. Wang, she insists on fitness every day. She is currently 37 weeks of pregnancy plus late pregnancy, and children will be born in more than ten days.

As a fitness coach, Ms. Wang said that fitness during pregnancy has many benefits to women.

"Many pregnant women will get 50 or 60 pounds during pregnancy, but I only gain about 15 pounds. If the inspection is inspected, the check -ups are all right."

But at the same time, Ms. Wang also said that pregnant women who do not have the foundation of exercise are fitness during pregnancy.

In this regard, many netizens praised, "It’s so powerful, I got 15 pounds!" "This girl is really cow!"

At the same time, some netizens expressed concern, "Will it be bad for the fetus?" "What should I do if I have a miscarriage?"

In this regard, my point is, don’t learn Ms. Wang.


In psychology, there is a term called the survivor deviation.

It refers to the channel that obtains information. When it comes from the survivor, this information may be deviated with the actual situation.

Survivor deviation is a truth that naturally chose after the survival of the fittest: those who do not survive can no longer speak.

People only see the result of a certain screening and did not realize the process of screening, so they ignored the key information that was screened.

Take a classic example.

During World War II, Britain and Germany conducted air combat, and both sides lost heavy losses.

So the British military began to study: which part of the bombers installed with thicker armor can improve defense capabilities and reduce losses.

Studies have found that the pores on the aircraft are mainly concentrated in the wings and tail parts of the center of the fuselage.

Therefore, the researchers proposed that the most dense parts of the magazine add armor to improve the aircraft’s defense capabilities.

This proposal was rejected by ABRAHAM WALD, a statistics of the US Army Statistics Research Department.

WALD wrote 8 research reports to illustrate the matter.

He pointed out that these hundred -hole bombers are the "survivors" who have successfully flew back from the battlefield, so the bomb holes in their fuselage are not fatal.

To save the lives of those bomber pilots, the more correct way should be to study those bombers that have been hit and crashed.

Only by studying those "bad eggs" that have not been successfully returned can it be targeted, find the most vulnerable places in these aircraft and strengthen them with armor.

WALD’s suggestion was later adopted by the British military, and finally saved thousands of pilots.

And this Ms. Wang belongs to the survivor.

She is excellent, but this is an example and is not universal.

Therefore, I think that everyone cannot learn her blindly, but still have to be based on their actual situation.


In fact, we have seen many "survivor deviations" related cases in daily online browsing information.

For example, all of us know that Bill Gates dropped out of school from Harvard University and eventually became the richest man.

Ma resigned from Hangzhou Institute of Electronics and borrowed money everywhere. After many difficulties, he finally became a father.

There is also "useless theory of reading".

Many people are saying that who has not been to school at first, and now she still earns a lot of money, and many people who study hard, after graduation, are not as good as those who have not studied well.

The above is the deviation of the survivor.

They are survivors and we can see.

Other people who can’t see are "unfortunate".

There is a saying that "knowing it even more".

We must not only see the "survivor", but also the "deviation."


Why is there a "survivor deviation"?Because human abilities are limited, we can’t see the dark zone of the corner, but we will be attracted by the survivors.

Therefore, with what you see to judge what happened, a one -sided conclusion will be drawn.

Remember that joke?

A reporter interviewed whether others bought train tickets on the platform.Only those who buy train tickets will be on the platform.

Therefore, the reporter came to a conclusion: Everyone bought a train ticket, so you can also buy a train ticket.


How can we change this situation and see "deviation"?

To learn and continue to enrich your knowledge.

The richer your knowledge, the wider the angle of thinking when you encounter something, the deeper the dimension.

To have your own point of view, learn to analyze what you see and hear.

Now the information on the Internet is mixed, and it is difficult to distinguish between true and false.

We look at some explosive news, a reversal today, a reversal tomorrow, constantly reversing, repeated reversal.

And everyone does not have their own point of view, they will only follow the trend.

Standing on the line for a while, standing on the line for a while, swinging left and right, no standing, bringing too much deep, following the emotions of public opinion, as if this happened to himself.

Therefore, everyone must have their own thoughts and the ability to think independently.

In this wave of life, you can take less detours than others.

Bless you, dear friend!

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