Pregnant wife jumps down the stairs and groans her husband’s backhand and does not want to comfort the firefighters.

Firefighters and police came to the victim’s house to rescue the parties who jumped off the stairs, but because the woman jumped off the building was pregnant in July, she kept shouting that her stomachache was painful.The police decided not to move the woman and waited for 120 rescue.

The picture shows the husband of the party jumping parties

Waiting for the ambulance, the police asked about the incident.After knowing that things have passed, the police and firefighters do not know who to comfort.After all, every family has a difficult scripture, such as chaotic hemp ropes.

Police: Your husband and wife?

Husband: Yes, you have to jump off the building every day to move to every day.Lying on the stairs half an hour, I couldn’t pull it.

Police and firefighters looked at the food on the table. They asked about what was quarreling because of what was going on?

Her husband is unwilling to say more, just vaguely family trivial matters.

His wife was lying on the cold ground, and her body pain made her out of control.Shouting her husband loudly, my husband walked angrily with his hands and said, "I’m not your husband, I’m not your husband." Then he complained to the firefighters and the police that he shouted every day to jump off the building.Busy, I still have to listen to her every day.

Pregnant women have been crying in pain. The police worry that the woman’s emotional excitement will affect the injury and persuade her husband to appease the injured woman, but the husband seems to be angry and not moved at all.

Firefighters and police couldn’t help shaking their heads when they saw this.

The woman shouted in pain and never got married again. I hope she can pain in pain after recovering, and do not do this anymore.

Don’t forget to love yourself at any time.

Major netizens, don’t learn from them.

Husbands usually care about their wives, and occasionally send a small gift to coax their wives to be happy.Don’t learn Ge You when you are at home. Hurry up.

The wives also understand her husband a lot, and occasionally played two games at work, throwing stinky socks, forgetting to say good night, lying on the sofa is a trivial matter.Just say a few words.

To build a harmonious and happy society requires the efforts of each of us.

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