Pregnant sow breeding points at all stages, so that sows produce more healthy babies and improve the survival rate of piglets

Pregnant sows need to be carefully taken care of before and after pregnancy. The most important point is the feeding problem during pregnancy. This is related to the number of sows and pigs’ survival rates, so it must be done well.The following editors have compiled a key point of feeding at all stages of pregnant sow.

1. In the early stages of pregnancy (breeding ~ 20 days)

The feeding should be strictly limited within one week after the breeding, because the 48 ~ 72 hours after the breeding is the implantation of the fertilized eggs to the uterine. If it is too high, it will cause the blood flow to increase the increase of the metabolism of the liver, which will lead to the sex hormone that causes the peripheral blood beating.Decrease, especially the decrease in progesterone leads to an increase in embryonic death and decreased the number of producing babies.After a week, the amount of feeding is adjusted according to the physical condition of the pig, but at this time, the fetus is still small, the absolute weight is not large, and the amount of nutritional demand is also small. In addition to maintaining their own life activities at this timeEssence

2. In the middle of pregnancy (21 ~ 90 days)

Pregnant sows should increase their weight appropriately. It is necessary to evaluate and correct the storage status of body fat in the middle of pregnancy, and determine the feeding amount according to the sow’s emotions.

Pay special attention to 70 to 90 days of pregnancy is an important period of breast development. Too much feeding. The sow grows too fat, which will affect the amount of lactation.

3. Late pregnancy (90 ~ 114 days)

The development of the fetus in the late pregnancy accounts for more than 70%of the entire entire pregnancy. Therefore, the amount of feed should be increased in the later period, especially the supplement to energy feed. The last 2 to 3 weeks is particularly important: it can meet the needs of the rapid growth of the fetus in the later period;The piglets are born and neat; enhance the vitality of piglets and increase the survival rate of piglets.

4. 3 ~ 5 days before giving birth

Reduce feeding to 1.5kg before childbirth. This can prevent constipation, reduce difficulty in childbirth, and maintain good appetite and nutritional intake.

Pay attention to the points:

Pregnancy sows must limit feeding.

Excessive feeding may increase the embryo mortality.

Too much feeding in the later period is easy to cause fertilizer, sow, poor body quality, sow constipation, difficulty in childbirth, and high mortality in piglets during childbirth.

Tire supply is best to choose after 90 days.

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