Pregnant mothers should pay attention to too much during pregnancy!But the most important is actually this, don’t ignore it

Girlfriend Xiaojuan is afraid that her eldest daughter will grow up alone like herself, and there is no playmate to play together. In addition, the family hopes to have another child, so she and her husband have taken it up.The road to the second child.She talked with me: When I feel that when I am pregnant, my husband’s attitude, care and nervousness to herself is far less than that of the first baby, and there is still a big gap in her heart.Coupled with a big daughter, I often do not obediently mischievous, and my husband followed my daughter to make me angry. Occasionally, I also gave me temper, and I was so angry!"

But dads need to pay attention to that the pregnant woman must not be angry during pregnancy, and because of anger, it is very risky to the pregnant mother and the baby in the stomach!Specific mothers should pay attention to too much during pregnancy!But the most important thing is only this -emotional management.Pregnant mothers during pregnancy will have these adverse effects.

1. Nutrition absorption is blocked, affecting the baby’s development

Because when pregnant women are angry, the blood circulation in the body will become fast, the blood flow of the head will increase significantly, and the heartbeat speed will be much accelerated.And normal blood circulation is an important channel for ensuring the transmission of the baby’s nutrients.If the pregnant woman is angry, the oxygen content of the head will increase significantly, and the reduction of uterine blood flow of pregnant women means insufficient oxygen, and the baby may have a hypoxia condition, which will have a great impact on the nutrition and development of the fetal treasure.Therefore, mothers should pay attention to supplementing nutrition appropriately.

2. Spiritual tension, increased probability of abortion

Because the blood in the pregnant woman’s body will directly bring the baby’s influence. If a pregnant woman is in a state of mental tension for a long time, the hormone content in her blood will be relatively high, the emotions will be transmitted to her baby, and the child will become the child will become.Emotional sensitivity and unstable, children’s development status will be greatly affected.And if the pregnant mother is often irritable and is very angry, the child is very easy to have a miscarriage. Therefore, for the children and their own health, mothers must control their emotions.

How to soothe the emotions of pregnant women -family members should give due concerns

Due to the impact of hormones during pregnancy, the temperament will be greater than before, so the whole family must say good words to obey the words of pregnant women, meet the needs of pregnant women as much as possible, and take care of pregnant women.However, it is conceivable that after the birth of the newborn, the whole family will disperse at least half of the attention to the baby. The concern and care of pregnant mothers are not as good as before giving birth.Therefore, the reduction of security and attention will directly lead to bad mood of pregnant women. Moms will become insecure in such emotions, and they often cry and make trouble.

There are a lot of things that mothers need to pay attention to during pregnancy. Nutritional supplementary, moderate exercise, regular prenatal inspection, and family’s moderate concern to pregnant mothers … But in fact, the most important thing is the psychological state of pregnant mothers.Ensure that a healthy and positive emotion has a extraordinary significance on his body, and it has a very important impact on the healthy development of the baby and even the temper of the baby after the birth of the baby.Therefore, mothers must control their emotions when they are pregnant!

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