Pregnant mothers should eat these 3 kinds of fruits, super tires!You know after your baby is born!

Babies often represent significant significance for mothers. Even in the process of pregnancy, they have experienced all kinds of unbearable difficulties, but for Baoma, seeing that their children come to this world healthy, then everythingIt’s worth it.In order to have a healthy baby, Baoma needs to pay attention to nutritional balance during pregnancy, and eating more fruits is a relatively simple and effective way.Let ’s take a look at what kind of fruits are there, and have a good nutritional effect on Bao Ma and the baby!

1. Banana

Bananas have always been favored by adults and children. In addition, the waves of the little yellow people have helped, and the cute and flattering image of bananas is more popular.In fact, banana full of flesh is rich in nutrients. The sweet taste contains a large amount of sugar, and folic acid and potassium can promote the development of fetal nervous system.However, because the calories of bananas are relatively high, and it is particularly easy to rot, it must not be greedy because of the good taste of bananas. You need to pay attention to the weight, which can be stopped.

2. Cherry

Banana’s calories are relatively large. If the pouting mothers are worried that they may not be able to stop their mouth because they may not be able to control themselves, causing too much calorie intake, choosing cute and small cherries is also a good choice.Although cherries are relatively expensive and small, they often think that the cost -effectiveness of the cherry is not high enough. This idea is wrong.Don’t look at the cherry small, but the small body of the cherry contains a lot of nutritional value, and there are many iron. These trace elements not only promote the baby’s development, but also benefit the maintenance of Baoma’s skin.Because the nutritional value of cherries is relatively high, eating about 10 pieces every day can play a good nutritional replenishment effect on Bao Ma.

3. Apple

Apple’s health effect is affirmed by nutritionists from all over the world, because trace elements in Apple can promote the baby’s growth and development well, and it is also conducive to repairing the skin problems of Baoma. Because Apple is gentle, it can be appropriately appropriately.Eating is conducive to gastrointestinal motility and promoting defecation.

During pregnancy, Baoma often needs to supplement many greasy things. At this time, choosing a delicious fruit can not only alleviate greasy, but also promote nutrition absorption. Therefore, Moms should remember to eat more fruits when pregnant!

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