Pregnant mother’s required mobile phone application pro -baby parenting assistant

2015-11-17 05:26:11 Author: Hu Zhenwei

At first, parents are inevitable, and many pregnancy knowledge and precautions must be slowly learned and explored by themselves.However, parenting books are all overwhelmed. It is difficult to find answers when encountering unexpected problems, and the results of using computer retrieval have their own opinions. I do n’t know who to listen to it.The Baby Bao let the parents of the Bao Bao liberate from the ocean of the knowledge of pregnancy. What extent does the parenting assistant tell you what the baby’s growth and development this week?What nutrition does you need to supplement to promote the health development needs of the fetus?What kind of parent -child interaction should be done with the baby?… These intimate tips can be obtained in the parenting tools of the baby’s mobile phone application, and there is no need to export the search information.

After installing the baby’s application, fill in the information according to your pregnancy status or baby’s condition, create a baby space, and click the childcare icon below the application to enter the parenting interface.If you have any little doubts or troubles during pregnancy or parenting, you may not need to go to the hospital for the head of the hospital. You can find answers in the treasure trove of parenting anytime, anywhere.


The Parenting Treasure House contains plates such as parenting knowledge, nutritional recipes, and babies. In parenting knowledge, most of the knowledge and precautions involved from the age of pregnancy to the baby are 6 years old.If you understand the professional knowledge, you can choose the corresponding classification to enter, or you can directly enter the keywords directly in the search bar for retrieval. If you enter the baby to get angry, all knowledge and answers and corresponding posts that are related to the baby in the app will appear on the page will appear on the page.EssenceNutrition recipes are also classified according to different childcare periods. For the needs of maternal and infants in different periods, they provide dietary suggestions for Baoma and baby.

The baby also provides users with a personalized parenting assistant content push and entering the parenting assistant section. You can see the tips for this week for the baby created to remind parents and children during this period.Key points.It is also equipped with the corresponding stage of parent -child tasks to increase the interaction between parents and babies.

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