Pregnant mothers pay attention to make up for these five kinds of nutrients, the baby is healthy and smart

Pregnant mothers must not lack nutrition during pregnancy. The following four types must not be missing:

1️⃣ DHA that helps the baby’s brain and intellectual development

DHA is a kind of unsaturated fatty acid. The baby’s brain and vision and nerve development are inseparable from it, and it is also important for the pregnant mother itself. It can prevent a silly pregnancy for three years. Therefore

Pregnant mothers and breastfeeding mothers are recommended to take DHA200mg daily.

How to make up: DHA:

Eat 2 to 3 times a week, especially deep -sea fish, such as cod, salmon …

Linese seed oil and perilla oil are also a good source of supplementing DHA. It is known as the baby’s smart oil

Best Supplementary Method: Choose a safe and pollution -free high -quality fish oil

2️⃣ Folic acid that helps your baby’s healthy development

Folic acid is a type of B vitamin. It is water -soluble vitamin. Folic acid in the mother’s body is sufficient, which will greatly reduce the probability of fetal baby neural tube deformity, as well as the slow development of fetal baby, premature birth and newborn birth weight.

How to make up folic acid:

Many green vegetables contain folic acid, but it is easy to lose losses due to cooking.

Preparation, pregnancy and lactation mothers need to be appropriately supplemented with folic acid.

It is recommended to directly supplement folic acid supplement, 400 μg daily

3️⃣ Calcium of skeletal and teeth raw materials

The baby will store calcium in the mother’s stomach to meet the growth and development of their bones and teeth!

If pregnant mothers and lactation mothers are insufficient in calcium, they are prone to leg cramps, back pain, and increase their risk of osteoporosis!

Recommended calcium intake during pregnancy:

Early pregnancy: Recommended intake is 800mg/day

In the middle of pregnancy: the recommended intake is 1000mg/day

Late pregnancy: Recommended intake is 1200mg/day

Breastfeeding period: Recommended intake is 1200mg/day

How to make up for calcium:

500ml milk, 100 grams of tofu, 50 grams of shrimp skin, 50 grams of eggs, 200 grams of cabbage, 100 grams of fish, get about 1000mg of calcium

If you cannot meet the diet, you must choose a safe and absorbing calcium tablet supplement to meet the needs of your baby and mother, try to choose naturally, and contain products such as magnesium, VD, VK, etc.


Pregnant mothers have iron deficiency, which will affect the health of two people!

Iron deficiency will cause insufficient nutritional supply, slow development, and even congenital anemia of the baby. The immunity is low after birth …

The long -term lack of iron deficiency in pregnant mothers is prone to anemia, leading to weak body, insufficient qi and blood, aging, poor resistance …

How to replenish iron:

Strengthen iron -rich food intake, such as animal liver, animal blood, lean beef sheep pork, etc. Animal blood is heme iron, which can be absorbed directly and the absorption rate is high ~

There are red meat liver and blood diet every day. Eat 1 or 2 times a week, and eat more fresh fruits rich in VCs to promote iron absorption ~

If the diet is insufficient, or it is already anemia, choose safely, the iron -containing supplement that is easy to absorb to improve [Kiss K]

5️⃣ Vitamin E of the baby’s jaundice

In addition, it is recommended to supplement VE in the second trimester, which can improve the postpartum baby’s jaundice

Vitamin E can reduce the incidence of jaundice of premature babies.

Jaundice, because the fetus is in a low oxygen environment in the mother, and the production of red blood cells is increased, which can provide more oxygen.

After birth, as breathing increases, no need for so many red blood cells to provide oxygen, excess red blood cells will be actively destroyed, aging and decomposition into bilirubin.

When the hemotin concentration in the skin’s capillaries increases, jaundice is formed.

Especially for premature babies, the incidence of jaundice of premature babies is greater than full moon. Because the reserve process of vitamin E is in the last few weeks of pregnancy, so premature babies are not prepared.More prone to jaundice.

Vitamin E can stabilize the cell membrane of red blood cells, prevent it from cracking too quickly, and produce excessive bilirubin at once, reducing neonatal jaundice.

Therefore, mothers must add enough vitamin E during pregnancy to prevent lack. It is best to start replenishment before pregnancy to allow children to have sufficient VE in their bodies to prevent and reduce jaundice after birth.Better conception

So vitamin E is an indispensable vitamin during pregnancy

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