Pregnant mothers need to pay attention to diet during pregnancy. Can I drink mung bean soup after pregnancy?The answer finally surfaced

The colleague Feier was pregnant for 40 days. When going to the hospital for a birth check, the pregnancy sac is better, and the original heart tube beating also appeared.The lack of beauty is that his mouth appears to get angry, and a big bubbles have a big bubble under the nose.And these a few weather temperatures are relatively high, and I always want to eat some cold foods to reduce the fire for themselves.Feier’s mother -in -law said that eating ice cream can easily make the child feel cold, which is not conducive to the development of the fetus, so she boiled some mung bean soup for her to drink.

Before Feier heard people say that mung beans are cold foods, they cannot drink, and drinking mung bean soup is not good for the baby, but the mother -in -law said that it doesn’t matter. Drinking mung bean soup can reduce the fire.And in order to promote Feier’s appetite, her mother -in -law also put a lot of sugar in mung bean soup.Although Feier had coveted three feet, he was tangled between drinking and not drinking.So for pregnant mothers, can I drink mung bean soup during pregnancy?

Diet during pregnancy, can I drink mung bean soup after pregnancy?

After the female friend is pregnant, the humor in the body may increase, and the humidity in the body may rise. This will easily make people feel hotter, and mung beans are also a treasure in summer. Drinking some mung bean soup in moderation can not only increase appetite, but also increase appetite.Promoting digestion, and mung beans also have very good heat -clearing and detoxifying effects.After pregnancy, many pregnant mothers are prone to nausea and vomiting. If you drink some mung bean soup properly, it will help relieve pregnancy discomfort.And mung beans can also effectively remove fetal poison in the body for pregnant mothers, which also has a certain effect on alleviating constipation during pregnancy.

Because everyone’s physique is different, the life performance after pregnancy is also different. Although mung beans are a weapon for cooling heat and cooling, because mung beans are negative foods, for pregnant mothers with weak skin, if they often drink often, they may cause causePhysical discomfort.And try not to drink too much.Because mung beans contain a large amount of vitamin A, especially in the early pregnancy, if you eat too much, it may affect the development of the fetus.

And when pregnant mothers have symptoms such as weak gastrointestinal or weak support, systemic diseases and cold pain and diarrhea, it is best not to take mung bean soup.In addition, mung bean soup also has a certain effect of antidote. In order to promote the healthy development of the fetus after pregnancy, some warm -tonic drugs may be used. At this time, drinking mung bean soup may reduce the efficacy.In addition, the fishy fishy smell is stronger, which is easy to cause nausea and vomiting. Therefore, for those female friends in the early pregnancy, it is best not to drink mung bean soup.

How to relieve the hot summer heat and heat

In fact, after pregnancy, female friends often feel that heat is a normal phenomenon.Because the hormone in the body after pregnancy will change significantly, and the increase in progesterone will easily lead to the increase in heat in the body.In order to alleviate the dryness of the body, in addition to the light diet, eating more fresh vegetables and fruits can also help relieve the symptoms of the body’s fire.And in summer, pregnant mothers must control the time of blowing the air conditioner, which will help the fetus development and help avoid colds.

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