Pregnant mothers have these performances, and need a lot of nutrition, because the fetus is growing rapidly

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When I am pregnant, mothers usually entangle back and forth between eating and not eating. Sometimes they are afraid that excess nutrition will cause the fetus to be too large. Sometimes they are afraid of insufficient nutrition and cause their baby to lack nutrition.The baby in each mother has a period of rapid growth. During this period, the mothers must supplement more nutrition, because the baby needs to increase.

But in the stomach, how can the mothers judge whether the child has entered the fierce period? In fact, whether the baby has to grow quickly, the mother’s body has a certain response.

1. About 8 weeks of pregnancy: frequent urination is difficult to control

Mother’s 8 weeks of pregnancy is usually a period of rapid development of the baby. The baby’s brain tissue of this time is slowly forming, and the other organs of the body will start to grow slowly. If the pregnant mother has frequent urination at this time, it is likely to be in the uterus.The baby is growing up, causing the uterus to compress the bladder of the pregnant mother, so the pregnant mother can urinate frequently or even leakage.

2. About 22 weeks of pregnancy: Physical loss often breaths

When I was pregnant until 22 weeks, the pregnant belly of pregnant mothers was very large. The rising bottom of the uterine palace would compress the mother’s lungs. When the mother walks or climb the stairs, she will often breathe, so the pregnant mother willI will feel that my physical strength has declined. This expression shows that this time is an important period of the baby’s brain development, because at this time, the various organs of the body have basically taken shape, the baby’s brain has begun to appear folds.Food with your brain.

3. About 28 weeks of pregnancy: swelling of hands and feet is often tired

When pregnancy enters the middle and late stages, the pregnant mother’s hands and feet will be swollen, and the body will be very tired. This state usually occurs at 28 weeks of pregnancy.And subcutaneous fats are developing, and a lot of nutrition is required, so pregnant mothers in this period must have a lot of supplement to nutrition.

In the long run of the baby, mothers better eat more high -quality protein, add more DHC, eat more brain -healthy snacks, and supplement calcium elements at the same time, because the three rapid growth periods of the baby are important for the baby’s brain development.During the period, supplementing nutrition does not mean eating more food, and usually do some simple exercise, especially the third trimester, which is conducive to childbirth.

I am a candy mother, a senior childcare teacher, and a mother of a 3 -year -old baby. I can ask me any questions I encountered during the parenting process. I hope my suggestion can help you solve the troubles in the process of bringing the baby.And confusion.

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