Pregnant mothers have pain in calcium legs every day. It turned out to be overwhelmed by these snacks.

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After pregnancy, many pregnant mothers will consciously remove calcium, because calcium deficiency will not only bring discomfort to their bodies, cramps, backache back pain, toothache, etc., will also affect the development of the fetus, especially the development of bonesIt may make the fetus develop later than the baby of the same age.

Xiaoqing is also a member of concerns. Since pregnancy, I have supplemented calcium, eat calcium tablets, drink milk, eat shrimp skin, and soy products.During the inspection, she told the doctor about her question that the doctor said that it was caused by calcium deficiency, and the reason why calcium supplementation was missing was largely because the diet was not paid attention to, and the calcium substance was overwhelmed.

Calcium supplement

Astringent vegetable

Astronomical vegetables contain a high amount of oxalic acid, and after entering the human body, oxalic acid will meet with calcium, forming calcium oxalate, which will make it difficult for the human body to absorb calcium.Therefore, while calcium supplementation, we must avoid eating these astringent vegetables, such as spinach, amaranth, bamboo shoots and so on.

Food with many sodium content

The sodium content that people need every day are very small, and if the body is too much, it will be discharged.And 1000 mg of sodium is discharged, 26 mg of calcium is required.So the more you discharge, the more calcium losses.Therefore, pregnant mothers should eat foods with high sodium content, such as bacon, salted fish, meat pine, ham and so on.

Food with large phosphorus content

The normal calcium and phosphorus ratio of the human body is 2: 1. When the content of phosphorus is high, calcium will be discharged.Therefore, pregnant mothers should pay attention to eating less phosphorus -containing foods, such as carbonated drinks, cola, coffee, burger, and so on.

milk powder

Some pregnant mothers will buy some milk powder to replenish their bodies, but pregnant mothers should pay attention to that milk powder and calcium should not be taken at the same time. It is a very adverse person to absorb calcium and directly cause waste of calcium.

High -protein food

In addition to these nutrients, high -protein foods are also the same. High protein can increase the kidney excretion of calcium, which directly leads to decline in calcium absorption, which will cause calcium loss and waste.Each protein intake is increased by 60 mg every 50 grams, the amount of calcium will increase by 60 mg. Therefore, the pregnant mother should reduce the amount of meat intake and a balanced diet.


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