Pregnant mothers eat fruits, so this is healthy

Most fruits contain

Vitamins and nutrients needed for the body

But pregnant mothers are different from ordinary people

You need to pay special attention when eating fruits

Otherwise it may affect your own and fetal health

How should pregnant mothers choose fruits?

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Different fruit selection during pregnancy is different

Early pregnancy

The first three months of pregnancy is a critical period for the development of the baby’s nervous system. It is recommended to take the right amount of folic acid and vitamin C rich fruits daily.

The Maternal and Child Branch of the Chinese Nutrition Society also pointed out that in the pregnant woman’s dietary pagoda, it also pointed out that it can eat 200 ~ 350g of fruits per day in the early pregnancy (first 3 months).

It is recommended to consume fruit, orange, orange, mango, strawberry and other fruits of high folic acid and high -vitamin C.

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At this time, the appetite of expectant mothers is very large. When the baby grows rapidly and needs more nutrients, if the diet is not paid attention to, it is easy to make the weight soar, and the fetus will be overweight.Therefore, at this time, pregnant mothers should pay attention to controlling the amount of feeding and try to eat less fruit with high sugar.

"China Women’s Balanced Diet Pagoda" pointed out 200-400 grams of fruits needed for pregnant women a day.Recommended fruits with lower sugar lift index (GI value), such as cherries, peaches, plums, grapefruit, apricot, pear and small tomatoes, and so on.

Different fruits in different seasons are different

Fruits with long storage time and non -fresh fruits will change due to their internal chemical reactions and microorganisms, and nutrients will be greatly reduced.

Therefore, seasonal fresh fruits with more water and sufficient nutrition are more suitable for pregnant women.

Pregnant mothers should pay attention to dosage while selecting seasonal fruits according to their own situation.

Don’t forget three things when eating fruit

❏ Be sure to clean

Any fruit may leave pesticide residues or soil during harvest. Even if organic agricultural products are selected, they still need to be cleaned before eating.

❏ Guaranteed an appropriate amount

Pregnant mothers should ensure that the appropriate amount of fruits are consumed every day. It is recommended to eat between two meals. The types can be changed frequently to ensure that various nutrition can be obtained.

❏ Control sugar

The sugar content of fruits is very high. It is recommended to avoid fruit juice as much as possible. Each small portion consumes fruits to maintain relatively stable blood sugar and reduce the risk of gestational diabetes.

Source: Guangyi Third Hospital

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