Pregnant mothers do these 5 things during pregnancy will affect fetal development

Once my mother is pregnant, she will be careful, for fear of hurting the baby.But you must not know that there are still these things that babies are very resistant.

1, take a bath

Some mothers can easily feel fatigue when they are pregnant, and their legs will be swollen. It feels comfortable to lie in the bathtub in the bathtub.Or go to the hot spring when you take the time. I feel that the water in the hot spring is good to the mother, and it will be good for the baby.

In fact, it is best not to take a bath after pregnancy, it is easy to cause infection.For example, athletes, mold, etc., once infected with gynecology, will affect the fetus upward.And if the water temperature of the bath pool is too high, it is easy to cause abortion of pregnant women.

2. Eat meat

Many raw meats have a large number of parasites, especially in bow -shaped worms.This kind of insect vitality is very strong, and it is impossible to completely eliminate them with only soup for a short time.After pregnant women eat it, they will live in the intestine, and then pass through the intestine into the blood.If pregnant women eat a large amount of meat, they will infect more bow -shaped worms, causing fetal brain deformity, hydrocephalus, or cerebral palsy, no brain, etc.

Therefore, these "fast" but endless hidden dangers, it is best not to eat it, for the baby to bear it.If you are particularly eager, think about it if I do this baby, and I will control it.

Sleep after 3, 12 o’clock

Some pregnant mothers are a night owl when they are not pregnant, and often do not sleep in the morning in the middle of the night.After pregnancy, I can’t adjust the biological clock in a short time, and it still takes 12 o’clock to sleep.But I don’t like this baby.

Because the human body secretes melatonin at night, this substance will enhance the human body’s immunity, and at the same time play a role in balanced endocrine.If you do n’t sleep late for a long time, it will cause melatonin to reduce the secretion, which will affect the endocrine system of people, and human disease resistance will also deteriorate.

This consequence is that the fetus will be susceptible to miscarriage because of the mother’s internal secretion disorders. After birth, it will also be low immunity and easy to get sick.

4. Dyeing hair and dyeing nails during pregnancy

Some pregnant women are particularly beautiful, and they do not forget to dye a beautiful hair color when they are pregnant. They also have nail oil on their fingers and toes. They even ask the nail art master to make a tight carving.

It looks really eye -catching from the appearance, but some substances hidden in hair dye and nail polish will cause great damage to the fetus.A colleague of my husband had a fetal malformation due to hair dyeing and dyeing nails during pregnancy. He had to have a miscarriage for 4 months.

5. The door and window at home are closed tightly

The oxygen required by pregnant women is much more than normal people. If the doors and windows are closed at home, it will be more likely to lead to hypoxia for pregnant women.Coupled with too much carbon dioxide, it is very harmful to the fetus to pregnant women.

6, emotional unstable, easy to get angry or melancholy

If pregnant women cannot control their emotions, they will not get angry and feel sad, they will also cause the fetus to be disturbed.Because his mother’s emotions would directly affect the baby, he didn’t know what happened to his mother in his stomach, and he couldn’t get up.If the baby lives in such an environment for a long time, it will develop slowly and weird personality.This is why a mother gave birth to a few children. Each child has a different personality.In addition to genes, the emotions of pregnant women have a great impact on the child’s innate personality.

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