Pregnant mother is too happy to be pregnant for 6 months and was told that she had a deformed child. I regret it.

Xiaoli is born with beauty, the acquired thought is avant -garde, and individuals are very beautiful.As the saying goes, there are people who love beauty.But because it loves beauty, Xiaoli’s family has received a lot of impact.

Xiaoli, like many young couples now on the car, buy tickets first, and now people are also beautifully married.In the third month, their wedding.Because individuals love Mei Xiaoli to conceal their family to do nails, dye and perm, after all, they are too big and too big when they get married.But after returning home, the family was a little angry, and Xiaoli was very angry and said that they did everything, and the wedding was removed immediately.

Everyone thought it was over, but when Xiaoli was 6 months pregnant, her husband took him to do the four -dimensional ultrasound, and even informed them that the child was malformed.Neither Xiaoli and his family were believed, and he suspected that the problem had been checked.However, after the doctor asked about his usual habits, he scolded Xiaoli, saying that she did not reflect on herself but doubted science, and also said that she would check where she went to check the same.Xiaoli only accepted reality, quietly asking why it happened to such things.

Doctors also told her very sharply that there are many reasons for deformity, living environment, living habits, genes, and so on.However, according to the current situation, it is the main cause of malformations of young children after pregnancy.Because these things contain a large amount of harmful chemicals, such as phthalate and sorbate, these things can be absorbed and hindered to normal hormones.abortion.

What children are the culprit of deformity?Will someone ask her not to remove it soon?But do you know that the transparent liquid that removes these harmful substances contains more harmful ingredients and more damage.Doctors can only say that these chemicals are important incentives.Therefore, doctors recommend that these seemingly beautiful but actual things are prohibited during pregnancy and pregnancy.

The great expectant mothers still resisted the short appearance of this short appearance for their health and the harmony of the family.Don’t bring your life harm for your child for a while.

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