Pregnant first before marriage, men do not want, women are not born, but the result is tragedy

In June of this year, Wang Jingchun gave birth to a boy, from pregnancy to production, to more than three months, and it has always been supported by herself.

What is going on, where is the child’s father?

When Wang Jingchun was pregnant for three months, he found that his boyfriend He Lin was derailed. Wang Jingchun quarreled with He Lin, and then broke up with He Lin.

At first, Wang Jingchun and He Lin had a connection. Later, He Lin gradually did not ask Wang Jingchun, and did not give Wang Jingchun any living expenses.

Wang Jingchun just survived his pregnancy and survived production, but now his child is still small. Wang Jingchun has no income and is almost a text.

She couldn’t live anymore. There was no way. She could only go to He Lin to be responsible.

He Lin is a drum teacher. He has an income of about 20,000 per month. It is reasonable to say that this income should be able to afford the support fee. Why does he ignore Wang Jingchun?

Wang Jingchun found the place where He Lin worked. He Lin saw Wang Jingchun an impatient expression. He said directly to let Wang Jingchun prosecute and solve the problem through the court.

He Lin also broke a secret. He said that the reason why he broke up with Wang Jingchun was not his cheating, but that Wang Jingchun took a man named Liu back home while he was working.

Afterwards, Wang Jingchun deleted the WeChat chat history in the mobile phone, but the computer was still discovered by He Lin.

He Lin said that Wang Jingchun’s children did not know who it was, and he would not be responsible.

Wang Jingchun was angry when he heard that He Lin said so. She explained that it was He Lin’s green and pretended to be innocent.

Wang Jingchun also broke the news that before he knew her, He Lin talked about a Xinjiang girlfriend. The other party was staying from his hometown for He Lin and stayed with He Lin for five years. After breaking up, He Lin also pushed his responsibility to the woman.It is also derailed.

Wang Jingchun accused He Lin of being irresponsible to the child. He Lin said that Wang Jingchun wanted to use his child to ask for money. Wang Jingchun had previously proposed that He Lin gave the child’s raising fee of 5,000 yuan a month and was rejected by He Lin.

Obviously, He Lin didn’t want this child at all. He Lin said that the relationship between the two had broken. He repeatedly asked Wang Jingchun to kill the child. Wang Jingchun just didn’t listen.

Knowing that her boyfriend would not turn back, and at that time, Wang Jingchun had a chance to terminate pregnancy. It is reasonable to say that this child is good to both sides. Why should Wang Jingchun insist on giving birth to this child?

Wang Jingchun said that she had hit a child for He Lin before. At that time, He Lin was still very sorry. When she was pregnant with the second child, He Lin did not say that he was born or said to be killed.status.

He Lin’s parents have always disagreed with He Lin with her. He Lin also argued with the family many times for this and hinted that Wang Jingchun could get married as long as he was pregnant and gave birth to a child. At that time, his parents would not say anything.

He Lin quickly explained that it was said when the relationship was not broken. Later, the relationship was broken. What else did the child do?

Wang Jingchun accused He Lin, "Are you a man? So irresponsible?"

It turned out that Wang Jingchun had had a fetus for He Lin before, and his body was affected. When he was pregnant again, the doctor told her that if this time was killed, he might not have the child in the future, so Wang Jingchun insisted on leaving the child to leave the child down.Essence

The two quarreled at the place where He Lin worked. Someone reported the police, and the police took them to the police station.

After negotiation, He Lin said that the problems of children should be discussed with their parents.

Wang Jingchun’s family said that He Lin would cooperate with parent -child identification, or if it was him, he would be responsible. If it was not him, they would not be wronged with He Lin.

He Lin’s father said on the phone that they didn’t like Wang Jingchun. They were not satisfied. They disagreed with He Lin and her.

When Wang Jingchun wanted to have a child, he once asked He Lin’s father for money. At first, he said that he wanted 10,000, because He Lin’s grandfather was not good at that time. He Lin’s family did not have so much money.When He Lin’s father went to Wang Jingchun, Wang Jingchun changed his mouth and said that he would take 30,000.

This move completely angered He Lin’s father. He Lin’s father said that He Lin and Wang Jingchun were adults, so that they could solve the problem by themselves.

He Lin still insisted that Wang Jingchun’s prosecution, but now Wang Jingchun does not even have the money to sue.Maybe Wang Jingchun also understood this time. She should not have the child so hastily. She said that she would work to make money and sue He Lin.

This case is obvious, that is, when she is in love, she is pregnant. Women are not born. Men do not want to be responsible. They have become like this in the end.

The two of them can still pay the price for their behavior, but the child is innocent. Before being born, he faces a situation that is destined to be a single -parent family, which is too distressing.

Wang Jingchu insisted on giving birth to a child. It is estimated that he also wanted to rely on the child to save He Lin. How could this be possible?I will only increase my troubles.

You can fall in love, but the big things about life about life are so hasty, it really shouldn’t be.

Especially girls, you do n’t respect yourself, the other party cannot respect you, and you do n’t cherish yourself before you get married.

I hope that Wang Jingchun’s experience will mature this time, treat feelings carefully, and learn to love himself.


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