Pregnant female rabbit before delivery and postpartum care and rabbit management

The female rabbit is five months old and the red state breeds the male rabbit to fall to the ground two or three times. The dating date is recorded.Adding meb icons in time and add probiotics to ensure the health of pregnant female rabbits during pregnancy.Ensure that the health of the pregnant mother rabbit health and the feeding decision to determine the life rate of the rabbit and the health of the rabbit.The female rabbit is preparing to hang a disinfection box three days before the production. The production of female rabbits is replaced in a timely manner with the unclean clothes and blood and water.The mother rabbit is produced by the rabbit full body covered with sprinkled nest, and the rabbit must be put on or straw to keep the rabbit warm for no wool rabbit.No milk mother rabbit is feeded soybean, peanut rice, coriander.If there is no milk, the rabbit dies continuously, it is best to find the nanny rabbit to breastfeed in time. The rabbit nest splits the nest to give the nanny rabbit.The milk rabbit is divided into the nanny rabbit with the box where the nanny rabbit is located and the rabbit hair covers the rabbit.In the evening, open the cage door to mix the rabbit smell to feed.Why do the mother rabbit eat malnutrition after giving birth?Therefore, it is best to prepare water and materials for her before the production of pregnant female rabbits. Two or three consecutive days after giving birth, rabbits have proved that the breastfeeding mother rabbit suffers from breastitis during the injection.The Sawo Powder Put is a four or six days to continuously put the Swan powder to prevent rabbit fungal infection.Twenty -four days of rabbit will be used to prevent use of injections or mixtures.Five to seven days of female rabbits and rabbit nests, feed electrolytic multi -dimensional or glucose for one week to prevent the full moon rabbit weaning, urgent diarrhea to stimulate death.About forty days, rabbit was injected with a pigraphyba two -united vaccine.Pregnant female rabbits should be vaccinated in advance to prevent injections from pregnant female rabbits in advance, and regularly deworming is used to ensure the health of female rabbits.

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