pregnant?The 54 -year -old Faye Wong’s belly is obvious, and the prospective father -in -law Xie Xian showed up, and his face was full of smiles.

Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse are 11 -year -old sister -in -law in love. The two met and fell in love, but they regretted separating their own family.After experiencing a failed marriage, the two went around and went together again.

After a lapse of 23 years, 43 -year -old Nicholas Tse was generously holding 54 -year -old Faye Wong’s hand at the airport.The relationship between the two once again caused a wave of online waves, and netizens also sent blessings.

Recently, Faye Wong and his staff appeared at the airport. Faye Wong was wearing a black knitted coat, a beige long coat on the outside, and a pair of gray trousers.

Although the hair was sandwiched behind the head with a hair clip, but because of the strong wind that day, Faye Wong’s hair was very messy. The whole shape made Faye Wong dressed very old -fashioned.

In the photos exposed on the Internet, some netizens unexpectedly found that Faye Wong’s belly had obviously bulging.Many netizens have doubted that 54 -year -old Faye Wong was pregnant for Nicholas Tse?

As a female star, generally pays great attention to the maintenance of the figure.But from the side, Faye Wong’s belly, especially the belly, is very clear, and can see the drums, just like something stuffed in the clothes, and the clothes are supported.

Even if the black knitted top is loose, it still can’t cover the bulging belly.Faye Wong looks very bulky, and it feels like a pregnant belly that has been pregnant for 3 or 4 months.

In addition, the relationship between Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong has begun to become very high -profile a few days ago, and often takes the picture of the two people in the same frame.

It is said that the affection is naturally strong, so when many netizens see Faye Wong’s stomach, they can’t help but speculate whether Faye Wong is really pregnant?As for whether it is, it is still yet to be explored as the netizen speculation.

After all, a photo does not illustrate any problems, and it is not ruled out that it is a simple blessing or the angle of shooting.You must know that Faye Wong is 54 years old. Once you are pregnant, it is quite dangerous to the elderly. Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong should also have their own considerations.

It is worth mentioning that Faye Wong’s prospective father -in -law Xie Xian has rarely appeared in the near future.Some netizens met Xie Xian when they were shopping. Xie Xian, 86, still looked at the same style.He was wearing a black leather jacket, a baseball cap and sunglasses, dressed very cool, and a handsome old man.

In the picture, Xie Xian stood beside netizens. The corner of his mouth could not stop raising slightly, with a smile on his face, and he looked very good.After all, the only old man like him, the only concern for him is his son Nicholas Tse.

Now after Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung divorced, a person who had a conscious person lived together.Presumably Xie Xian’s heart can also put a lot of heart, and naturally, the mood is getting better and better.

I just do n’t know when Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong can spread the good news of the two people to cultivate?Fate is not easy. I hope Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong can really not miss each other this time.

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