pregnant?Guan Xiaotong appeared in a certain activity.

On June 14, Guan Xiaotong attended an offline event in a mall in Chengdu.This time, Guan Xiaotong’s shape and body condition became a hot topic. Many netizens left messages, saying that she seemed to be a blessing than before, and her body shape became significant.

On the same day, Guan Xiaotong chose a long white skirt, and his hair was simply tied.Although she was as tall as ever, standing next to the host of the event, her body seemed to be at least a whole circle than the host. The enviable figure before this time did not highlight.Looking at her side face, the facial features are still exquisite, but the chin line is not as prominent as before, and the entire face shape feels much round.

Many netizens were out of words. Guan Xiaotong was "too fattened" this time. "This figure is simply a tiger back."Other netizens also agreed, "I feel that she is fatter than one or two pounds, and the whole person is rolling."After a detailed analysis of Guan Xiaotong’s latest life photos, she can really feel that her figure is obviously blessed a lot.

Looking at Guan Xiaotong’s raw picture, not only the arms appeared much thicker, but also a lot wider on the shoulders.Even the dresses that should have been able to highlight the women’s curve cannot cover her round shape. It seems that there is no curve at all, and it is indeed not light.Regardless of or close, Guan Xiaotong’s figure this time is really surprising, and he is much fatter than before.The change this time is so obvious that many netizens have begun to guess whether she is pregnant.

From the side, Guan Xiaotong’s body is indeed showing signs of protruding.The small abdomen raised and the arm appeared thick, showing that her figure was changing.In contrast, Liu Lingzi confidently exposed his flat belly that day.And Guan Xiaotong not only had a small abdomen, but also intentionally covered her belly with her hands, which made people even associate with her might be pregnant.

Of course, in addition to changes in figure, Guan Xiaotong was guessed by the outside world to speculate that the reason for pregnancy was that she and Luhan had a stable relationship, and the outside world had reported news that the two had good things.In 2017, Luhan and Guan Xiaotong officially publicly publicly had a public relationship. So far, the two have gone through 6 years of long -distance running.Guan Xiaotong revealed in an interview that he had a plan to get married at the age of 25.And this year, Guan Xiaotong happened to be 25 years old.On his birthday, the entertainment reporter took the sweet moments of the two people spent their birthday together.Lu Han carefully prepared a gift for Guan Xiaotong, and also specially invited several assistants to take responsibility for the handling of the gift.After the birthday party, the two also carried out a romantic dinner.Both Lu Han and Guan Xiaotong chose couples to dress up.After the dinner, the two returned directly to Luhan’s home, which shows that the two of them are harmonious.

In fact, from the official public relationship in 2017, Luhan carefully prepared for Guan Xiaotong’s birthday. Although the two have always been low -key, the sweetness of the relationship has never been discounted.Although the two have not yet officially announced their marriage, the outside world has been guessing that the two are likely to live together.In addition to the two people return to Luhan’s home after the end of their birthdays, the two often appear on the Internet from time to time wearing couples or couple pajamas, showing that the two have a sweet life.

Stable feelings, suspected cohabitation life, and this time Guan Xiaotong’s figure has also changed significantly, the outside world speculates that she has been pregnant and seems to be reasonable.Of course, some netizens said that when the two were officially announced, all the speculations could only be a speculation of the outside world.I believe that if there are really good news, Guan Xiaotong and Luhan will definitely choose the right time to officially announce.

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