Pregnancy is not a "safe area" of cervical cancer!What should I do if I find cervical cancer after pregnancy?

Cervical cancer is a common gynecological malignant tumor disease and has a very serious threat to women’s health.According to statistics, cervical cancer is the third largest malignant tumor disease in women, which can cause a large amount of vaginal bleeding in women. In advanced, it can cause ureteral obstruction, uremia, anemia and other systemic failure, which eventually leads to death.

The age of cervical cancer is over 30 years old, and in recent years, there has been a trend of younger.Although with the improvement of screening methods and medical levels, the incidence and mortality of cervical cancer have been reduced year by year, but after all, it is cancer, and female friends still cannot take it lightly.

There are many causes of cervical cancer. Generally, it is mainly due to HPV virus (human papilloma virus) infection. About 90 % of cervical cancer is accompanied by high -risk HPV infections, and if it is accompanied by incentives such as smoking and poor sanitation conditions,It will also increase the chance of cervical cancer.At the same time, cervical cancer is also related to sexual behavior and childbirth. Some people even feel that pregnancy will increase the incidence of cancer. Today we will talk about the relationship between cervical cancer and pregnancy.

Will cervical cancer be pregnant?Pregnancy is not a "safe area" of cervical cancer

During pregnancy, women suffer from cervical cancer very rare, but they also have certain possibilities.From the age of cervical cancer, cervical cancer (can also be understood as the early stage of cervical cancer) occurs around 35 years old, infiltrate cancer at about 50 years old, and has gradually become younger in recent years.At this age, women are still possible.In addition, women’s fertility in this age is an elderly pregnant woman. The physical fitness will be weak, and the ability to resist disease will be poor. If you just encounter the continuous infection of HPV virus, it is likely to suffer from cervical cancer.

What should I do if I find cervical cancer after pregnancy?Specific situation, specific analysis

If it is only a HPV test, it is positive, and it is possible to have cervical cancer.So you do n’t have to panic. At this time, the possibility of illness is not high, you can check whether it is true.If unfortunately, he really gets sick, then specifically treats treatment according to the condition and pregnancy.In general, it is advocated to protect the mother’s body, terminate pregnancy, and treat them in time.

Giveth cervical cancer was found in early pregnancy

Generally speaking, pregnant women find that the possibility of advanced cervical cancer is very low, but if it is found that the advanced cervical cancer is found, the pregnancy should be terminated immediately.Because the fetus and the mother are facing severe damage because of the pregnancy under cervical cancer, treatment should be performed immediately.

Early cervical cancer was found in late pregnancy

For patients with such situations, considering that the best abortion period has been considered, the termination of childbirth will hurt the mother’s body at this time.Therefore, under strict observation, pregnant women can be treated after the delivery of pregnant women.However, in the pregnancy stage, we must be extra careful, and the disease needs to be treated in a timely manner.

In the late pregnancy, the late cervical cancer was discovered

Under normal circumstances, we still advocate termination of pregnancy.If the patient insists on keeping the child, you can consider that the fetus can perform caesarean surgery in advance when the fetus can survive, and pay attention to the changes in the patient’s condition after surgery. After 2 to 3 months, radiotherapy surgery is performed in time to avoid continuous deterioration.

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