Pregnancy becomes like a "span", and wants to get angry, inexplicably irritable, be converged, beware of the fetus

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A few days ago, I saw a message from a pregnant mother in the message area: since I was pregnant, I felt particularly fragile and sensitive, and because of the huge work pressure, I felt particularly bad.In addition, my family also said that I was okay and I was not understood.I also said that I would not control myself, and I was particularly unbalanced inside.No one helped me share my troubles, so I was often upset.Every time I get angry, I worry about the safety of the baby.It’s so noisy. "

As a person who comes, I can understand this pregnant mother. Indeed, women will have a lot of emotional changes after pregnancy. I often feel aggrieved, irritable, and even crying because of some small things.

But many pregnant mothers also know that emotional fluctuations after pregnancy are not good for the fetus. Because of the bad emotions of the pregnant mother, the fetus in the belly can be fully perceived, but often I still can’t control my bad emotions, so I don’t just want to be pregnant.Well, why is it like a "vixen"?In fact, there are reasons, not the fault of pregnant women.

In fact, after women’s pregnancy, emotions have changed so much, which has something to do with physical and mental factors and family factors.

Women’s hormone water levels have undergone tremendous changes.Estrogen hormone rises double, making the hormone level in women in a state of disorders, and emotional fluctuations are prone to occur.

Various physical discomfort after pregnancy suddenly caused.From early pregnancy reactions to early pregnancy, to the sense of labor in the middle of pregnancy, to the whole body in the third trimester, it hurts. The pregnant mother can be described as difficulty, and then it is difficult to cause emotional fluctuations in pregnant mothers.

Psychological changes caused by character transformation.For women, pregnancy is an important change. In just 10 months, women have to experience from before pregnancy to pregnancy to childbirth. These three important processes, during this period, need to adapt.

Fear of unknown childbirth.The first and second trimester of pregnancy is okay. By the time of the third trimester, especially when the childbirth is approaching, the anxiety and tension of the pregnant mother will become more and more intense, and it will cause emotional instability.

It is not well taken care and understanding by the family.That is to say, the family did not create a good pregnancy atmosphere for pregnant mothers. For example, after pregnancy, I need to do a lot of housework. The family feels that they are too aggressive.These will also affect the emotions of pregnant mothers.

There are clinical trials that during pregnancy, if pregnant women are always in a low emotional state, the body will release a chemical called "acetylcholine", which will affect the endocrine of pregnant women and cause hormones such as adrenalineAnd blood passed to the fetus, which affects the baby baby.

If the adrenaline of pregnant women is at a high level for a long time, the adrenaline secretion of the fetus will also abnormal, which will affect the supply of blood oxygen and nutrients, and will cause negative effects on fetal development and future character.

And during different pregnancy, the impact of the "bad mood" of pregnant mothers on the fetus is also different:

In the early stages of pregnancy, it is an important stage for the differentiation and formation of the nervous system and the organ. If at this stage, it is disturbed by the "bad factor" of the outside world, it is easy to cause the fetus to cause deformity, fetal stop, abortion, etc.Pregnant mothers such as disturbances and other bad emotions.

In the middle of pregnancy, with the development of the fetus, the fetus will respond to the breathing, heartbeat, and blood flow of pregnant mothers. At this time, the baby and pregnant mothers are comrades -in -arms of the "same front".

If the pregnant mother is in a good mood, the fetus will smile leisurely, swallow amniotic fluid play, and eat hands; if the pregnant mother is in a bad mood, such as being frightened, nervous, anxious, lost, crying, etc., the fetus will become "nervous",It may show restlessness, frequent fetal movement, etc.

Entering the third trimester, pregnant mothers will have false contractions. If the pregnant mother is often emotionally unstable, angry, anxious, nervous, and temper, etc., will induce pseudo -contractions through physical hormone changes. In severe cases, the fetus may cause the fetusPremature birth.

The cause of mood during pregnancy is also analyzed earlier. Sometimes it is really not pregnant women, but that hormones are not comfortable in making monsters, but no matter what, it will affect the fetus.For development, pregnant mothers must actively adjust themselves, and their families should understand and support.

① Pregnant mothers should regularly check the birth checkup in order to understand the development of themselves and the fetus, so as to avoid tension and anxiety because they are worried about the baby’s baby.

② Don’t think about it during pregnancy. You can arrange more interests for yourself to pass the boring time or transfer your attention, such as how many books, learning a skill, cultivating other interests, and understanding of childcare knowledge in advance.

③ If you have a mind and emotion, do not hold your own heart. You must communicate with your husband, family and friends in time, take the initiative to help, and take the initiative to solve it.

④ Learn more about pregnancy and as much as possible. In the case of physical permission, you can participate in the pregnancy of hospitals or pregnant women’s schools to learn about common situations during pregnancy, delivery process and precautions.

⑤ The understanding, support, and encouragement of family members are very important. For example, chatting with pregnant mothers, care about her, make some food that she likes to eat, wants to eat, accompany her, accompany her exercise, etc., and even give some small gifts for pregnancyMom; Especially for the prospective dad, give pregnant mothers more care and care than usual during pregnancy, and care about her psychological changes.

Do you (your love) often lose your temper, sensitivity, and crying like a person who has changed his personality?Can you understand and what do you do?

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