Pregnancy and makeup, too irresponsible!Pregnant mother: Please, don’t label us anymore

After pregnancy, various labels are instantly pasted on the word "pregnant mother".

When you are pregnant, what do you still do, it will hurt your baby!

If you are pregnant, you need to eat more to give birth to healthy and healthy babies!


These are often heard after pregnancy, but these are not based on it. They just give the pregnant mother a "circle". Do not pursue beauty.

During pregnancy, skin care is not as terrible as we think, and there is no excuse for other people’s good for my good. In my opinion, makeup during pregnancy mainly follows these 3 points. As long as it is done, 99%do not step on the mine, and it can also be beautiful.

1. Safety

There are many choices for cosmetics, but considering this period of pregnancy, we need to ensure that the risk ingredients that do not contain strong irritation and pregnant women use cautious ingredients.This requires purchasing from regular channels to avoid buying Sanwu products.

2. Skin

Skin is changing, and it is impossible to unchanged in the first layer of pregnancy or usual. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust according to your own skin texture to better choose cosmetics that suits you.

3. Skin sense

The skin feel is also one of the cosmetics. If the cosmetics itself tastes pungent, the face is unconvinced, the texture is poor, etc. It will also make people do not want to wipe the face on the face, and it will only be wasted.

The selection method is understood, and the following is directly to share the link. These are the cosmetics used during pregnancy. You can refer to it for reference ~

Nenfu air cushion

Nenfu is a German professional pregnancy/baby skin care brand. With "professional, safe, effective" as its core brand concept, 0 adds stimulating preservatives and pregnant women with caution. The beauty is all green, and pregnant mothers can use it with confidence.Essence

The air cushion is moist, the powder is very delicate, and the makeup is not stuck at all.More than 80%of the ingredients added are hydraulic essences, with strong water locking effects.

The main focus of imported patents can be used as grade folic acid, which has a good skin care effect.It is also low -active and high -purity folic acid, which is more stable and difficult to mutate.It also adds natural oil and skin care ingredients such as grapefruit oil and rosemary leaf oil. The skin care is very good, and the makeup is equal to skin nourishing.

The concealer effect is still OK. The dark circles on the face and small spots can be perfectly covered. It contains anti -aging ingredients such as titanium dioxide and girin.After applying makeup, there is no floating powder on both sides of the nose, and there is no stuffy condition.

Kerun sunscreen

Remember to do sunscreen before makeup. The largest sunscreen during pregnancy is this. It is pure physical sunscreen, safe in ingredients, and more at ease.

Compared with chemical sunscreen during pregnancy, I prefer to be such pure physics. Sun protection that does not contain alcohol is safer, less irritating, and more friendly to the skin.The moisturizing degree is okay, the face will not feel dry, and the membrane speed is okay. Basically, I eat breakfast after I finish the sunscreen and then put on the air cushion or foundation.

The disadvantages are also obvious, there are some greasy after the face, and the fake white is also obvious, but fortunately it is much better after waiting for the film.It has a light brightening effect. It can be used as a plain cream before the morning.

Huaxi Sanli

San powder is a must -have for makeup, which is one of the must -have makeup tools!I have used it during pregnancy, and the makeup effect is not bad.It is distinguished from the old new version, the old version of the makeup will be a bit dry, and it is pretty good for oil skin.The new version optimizes the shortcomings of the old version.

The new version of the mirror has been added, and a variety of moisturizing ingredients are added. It is a lot of friendly to dry skin pregnant mothers. The excess oil on the face can be taken away but it will not let the face dry. The effect is still very good. Sisters can try ittry.

Shimura Show Muting Eye Pen

This eyebrow pencil is very suitable for novices Xiaobai. It is very good and good, and the color is very natural. It is not easy to occur in crayons.The eyebrows drawn are also clear and natural, and it looks cleaner than eyebrow powder.

The makeup effect is very OK. It does not turn a brows in the day after the day, but it is not very easy to cut. The core is relatively hard. You do n’t have to worry about breaking the problem when you turn the eyebrows.

Dior lipstick

Dior 999 is one of the reds of every fairy. This ingredient is still safe. It has no stimulus ingredients and can be used with confidence during pregnancy.

There are two versions of 999, which are matte and moisturizing, but they do not skip the skin. The yellow skin pregnant mothers can easily control it.The color is very beautiful, and the color is very high. It can be OK whether it is thin or thick.

The above is all I enjoyed. I don’t know what other pregnant mothers use those who use those. You can leave a message to discuss it together ~

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