Pre -pregnancy test during pregnancy (5) chest diarrhea examination

Chest thoracic examination?

Haven’t heard of the chest threatening before pregnancy?

Since the doctor lets it, do it


Isn’t there any ray radiation in chest diarrhea?

The doctor will not open the wrong list!

That’s right!

Do you do it?

Friends who have such questions may have some misunderstandings about chest diarrhea.Let ’s take a closer look at the necessity of doing chest diarrhea and the precautions for chest diarrhea:

What is chest diarrhea?

Shochne can detect the soft tissue, bones and even bronchial and bronchials around our chest. We can see if we have diseases such as lung inflammation and acute and chronic bronchitis.It is also diagnosed by looking at chest transparent images.

The role of thoracic examination:

Check whether the lungs are inflammatory:

If you have a pneumonia, you must take the medicine in time. It is recommended that friends who are preparing for pregnancy are better to postpone three months to half a year before pregnancy.If you are pregnant, then use the medicine to take the medicine correctly. Hormone and amino glycoside drugs cannot be used. You can use penicillin and cephalosporin antibiotics.Especially after three or four months of pregnancy, the placenta barrier has been formed, and many drugs can be used clinically.Only when used antibiotics in time, the condition will be controlled soon, and the impact on the child is not great.

Check whether it suffers from acute and chronic bronchitis

Bronchitis is often induced by factors such as wind and cold, poor resistance and other factors.It is recommended to actively anti -inflammatory treatment in treatment. Cefbal antibiotics can be used, and asthma can be used at the same time. Drinking more water. In severe cases, it can be treated with inflammation.Treat the body well, and then re -pregnancy after the body is fully recovered.

Time to do chest permeability

Because X -ray is very harmful to the human body, doctors recommend that you go to the hospital for chest diarrhea one year before preparing for pregnancy, and cannot be six months later than preparing to prepare for pregnancy.

Precautions for thoracic testing:

1. Pregnant women cannot do chest diarrhea, so as not to cause radiation to cause fetal malformations or abortion. Women who have signs of pregnancy or pregnancy must be cautious. If you must accept the radiology check, it is best to wear a radiation protection suit.Protect the abdomen from radiation.It is best to do less launch tests for children. You can use filming instead of chest diarrhea.

2. The fetus is very sensitive to X -rays, especially in the early and middle -term fetus in pregnancy. After receiving X -rays, it may cause or induce malformations.The X -ray examination of pregnant women should be limited in the late pregnancy.When a pelvic measurement or fetal photo must be used, the number of exposures must not exceed 2-3 times to reduce the adverse effect on the fetus.

3. The effect of thoracic permeability on sperm mainly refers to the effect of X -ray on sperm. Radia will damage testicular sperm cells, affect sperm production, and even increase sperm malformation rate.Therefore, it is recommended to prepare for a pregnant couple if one of them is exposed to X -ray, then it is more appropriate to postpone the pregnancy time to be delayed for three months to half a year.

4. For women, the amount of radiation of the chest tablets is very small. Don’t worry. If it is not pregnant, it will have no effect on the body, and you can ask your baby at any time.For men, it is best to have children after 3 months after chest threatening.This can reduce the chance of fetal malformations, and it also needs to go to the hospital for a medical examination on a regular basis. For the next generation of health, these are sloppy.

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