Powder steamed beef is delicious or not, you can learn to do it yourself, or you can eat it, …

Powder steamed beef.

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I believe that many friends have not eaten powder steamed beef. What is the difference between it?Today we will share the videos of Chinese cooking masters, Mr. Lu Yongliang, teach everyone to make steamed beef.

· Now our masters will help us guide us. If friends learn to do at home.We make pink steamed beef, which is best to use beef spine, because the lipstick is the most tender part of the beef body. Not only is the fat content very low, but its taste is very tender and smooth.We can also use beef pork belly, that is, burdock or beef tendon meat to make steamed beef.

· First, mix well with a small amount of starch with sliced beef and a small amount of starch, and place it for a while.I prepared some rice noodles with steamed powder and steamed meat.

· Then knead it in a small amount of rice noodles and water into our beef. The part is to allow them to absorb the water more evenly, and the taste of the beef will be more tender.Every time the master teach, we will take it with a mobile phone, for fear of missing any details.

· After grabbing the beef, take out the ginger slices inside.Next, we pick up a lotus leaf and put it in a steaming grid to make it more fragrant.It is summer, and many friends can pick fresh lotus leaves.

· Then put the sauce in the steamed meat in hand, the sauce must be delicate. At the same time as the sauce is chopped, some ginger must be cut.

· Then mix the cut sauce evenly in the beef, and then put the ginger in the ginger. After mixing well, add some other condiments, the appropriate amount of raw soy sauce, the appropriate amount of oyster sauce, and add it.Some wheat sauce, appropriate amount of salt, and appropriate amount of spiced powder, in short, keep rubbing and mix it evenly to make it more flavorful.

· This time the lard is added, and the fully grabbing can make the beef finally taste more soft.Add rice noodles again.When we added rice noodles for the first time, we added a small amount, and this time we added more.This is the last mixed beef, is it very moisturizing at first glance?

· Put the mixed beef in one thing, then cut some potatoes and put it in the bowl of mixed beef, grab it well, and put the mixed potatoes in the steaming grid evenly.The steaming grid is prepared to prepare in advance. The beef is also added with green onions, and then some blue pepper is cut with a knife. The taste of peppercorns is very strong in the beef.Finally, the beef can be mixed with the steamer.

· Steam for 40 minutes.The small pot at home can be steamed for about an hour.This master -level powder steamed beef was out of the pan.Sprinkle some minced garlic, put a little pepper again, pour a spoonful of hot oil, and sprinkle with some green onions. It is really fragrant.Friends can try to do it in their own home.

If there is no time for friends to make the steamed beef made by the master’s method, you can buy it in the link at the bottom left of the video and our live broadcast room. Buy two bowls to send a bowl of 78 yuan 8.Prevention.Add the cold chain to the home.

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