Poor mood and depression of mood can also affect conception. Do you know these?

What are the most worried questions about pregnancy?Just not to give birth to a healthy and smart baby!


In short, it is the process of combining normal sperm and normal eggs to form fertilized eggs and implant development.So, how to ensure that this process is smooth, safe, and perfect?In addition to healthy physical and good mental states, it is also necessary to avoid various factors that are not conducive to eugenics.

Make a vigilance!Unusual mental state affects conception

Since ancient times, my country has said that "jealous woman infertility" and "infertility of liver stagnation".When the husband and wife are in a bad mood, low mood, or stimulated, the wife’s egg and the husband’s sperm are also in a tense sub -health state.

Data show that women who are worried about fertility are 20%less ovulation than women who are not worried so much and 19%less fertilized eggs.

Modern psychology and human biological clock theory believes that when people are in good mental state, their energy, physical strength, intelligence, and sexual function are the best, and the quality of sperm and eggs is also high.At this time, fertilization is easy to conceive in bed. The quality of the fetus is good, which is conducive to eugenics.Conversely, if you have depression, worry, or anxious to get pregnant, it is difficult to conceive. Even if the quality of the pregnant fetus will be affected, it will even cause abortion and ectopic pregnancy.

The relationship between husband and wife is not harmonious, and quarrels and scolding in daily life occur.As a result, many women are too nervous, sad, sad, fear, depression, and have been stimulated for a long time, which hinders the activity of the advanced nerve center of the cerebral cortex. The sex center cannot play a role, resulting in changes in endocrine and metabolism. Reproductive physiology changes.Sexual physiology is adversely affected and causes pregnancy difficulties.

Urgent "infertility"

This phenomenon is often seen in life, and the whole family is looking forward to the hostess early pregnancy.In order to hold the grandson as soon as possible, the in -laws even set the schedule. Today, she was urged to ask tomorrow.She goes to the hospital every day to monitor ovulation and consult a doctor, but the result is no ovulation, or the endometrium is not synchronized with follicle development.In short, she can’t expect her beloved baby.

After a long time, the family was tired and no longer urged, but the hostess suddenly became pregnant.If you can’t get pregnant as scheduled, it has nothing to do with anxiety.Therefore, pregnancy is too urgent.

In fact, the family is anxious, and the husband and wife may wish to go out to find a beautiful place to relax, avoiding the urging of the family, relaxing the nerves, and regulating endocrine.In a leisurely atmosphere, the baby is naturally encountered unexpectedly.

Tension and anxiety are not desirable

There are many cases of tension and infertility. For example, the newlywed couple, the first sexual life, is nervous due to pain or fear; or unmarried cohabitation is afraid of pregnancy to form a psychological disorder;Lessy; some are expectations of sexual life, listening to various propaganda about sexual life, always thinking that their own sexual ability is low, so they did not reach the state of propaganda, so they carried a heavy psychological burden.

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