Polycystic ovary syndrome insists on three years of good pregnancy experience sharing

After hesitating for a long time, I decided to write it out to share with you.

After getting married on November 26, 2012, he did not go to work at home for a year. He had not been pregnant for a year. The family was anxious and anxious. Then he went to the county seat to see the B -ultrasound and found that the follicles were not good.After three months of monitoring, the follicle development has been poorly developed. The doctor asked me to check six sex hormones on the third day of menstruation and found that testosterone tipped test. The doctor told me that this was a polycystic ovary syndrome.Some people are pregnant for ten years, and they are not scared.(My husband and mother -in -law are very good to me, and he especially likes children. At that time

After watching it for a few months, I have been taking medicine and doing B -ultrasound. The doctor who showed me a doctor once was not here. I showed another doctor. She told me that my situation is recommended to go to Fuzhou to find a comparative specialist.I regulated my body, and then checked six sex hormones, saying that it was determined to determine the polycystic ovary syndrome, but I did not scare me like a doctor in the county seat. I opened me for three months for me.High, and then gave me Da Ying 35, so I have been repeated. Da Ying has eaten for 9 months. The testosterone is still high. Then the doctor said that he could not eat Da Ying anymore. There are side effects, but he will gain a dozen more than a dozen more than a dozen.catty.Let me go home and try if I can get pregnant naturally.

After going home for 3 months, I did n’t want to be pregnant. (The first month was naturally, and the doctor in the county town was opened to Cromifen in the second and March).

After the year, at this time in 2015, I went to make an appointment to find that doctor. She said that I guess I was blocked by the fallopian tube. Let me check it out and introduce me to the Armed Police Hospital.When I arrived here, the doctor asked for re -examination.

The next morning, the six sex hormones were checked, and the diabetes examination (3 blood) was later taken to get the report form.I also recommend that I go to the Department of Endocrinology. The doctor said that usually many patients with polycystic ovary syndrome have symptoms of high blood sugar, and then take the medicine according to the doctor’s guidance.

At 11 days of menstruation, I went there to see how the follicles developed for the development of the follicles, and then the needle to promote ovulation was promoted for three months and whether I was pregnant. The doctor asked me to take a month to try., But still not pregnant, I’m so disappointed.By the way, my side effects after eating the two -seal is that I ca n’t eat it, and then lose a lot!(Originally, I took Da Ying 35 to get fat, so I went back because I took this medicine and went back. I also joked with the doctor to introduce others to eat diet pills. The doctor said that this is not dare). At this time, a girlfriend introduced me to a Chinese doctor.At that time, I felt the dead horse was a living horse doctor.

After taking so much Western medicine, then the traditional Chinese medicine is conditioned, and I went to the side of Dr. Huang. It is a retired old Chinese medicine medicine. The attitude is particularly good. I will answer me with patience.I feel so relaxed, (the first time I went to the small clinic over her Jinshan, and I was all on the side of West Lake.) For the first time, I made me a B -ultrasound that my ovaries were a bit small, and I showed me a menstruation to promote the pregnancy.There is also vitamin E, and folic acid, and then go to her to do a B -ultrasound when she is ovulation. She also disclosed Chinese medicine conditioning with her husband.The Chinese medicine for ovulation is only more than 50 yuan. The doctor explained that he would run one hour after dinner every night after returning home.

That month was still not pregnant, and the doctor told me that I was not pregnant for three months and let me check the fallopian tube. At that timeThe same, I was pregnant this month. When I knew that the moment I was pregnant, I cried with my husband. All the grievances were crying. It felt too difficult, but I did n’t have a happy time to do the B -ultrasound.Almost more than 40 days of pregnancy bleeding, every day, I am daring. Every day, I am very nervous. I am afraid of ectopic pregnancy. I am afraid that the baby will be, but the baby will stop!

I was really sad at the time. Later, I made a small confinement and called the doctor. She asked me to find her again. She made a B -ultrasound for me, saying that I was clean, and I recovered well.Very good, I suggest that I can try to get pregnant and give me three doses of ovulation -promoting medicine. I did n’t expect to dream. This month I was pregnant again.The progesterone was very good, but I still didn’t worry about it to check the doctor the doctor the next day, and then relieved (later my husband told me that he cried secretly at that time).

There are also some small problems during pregnancy, but now I am 35 weeks of pregnancy. Waiting for the baby’s arrival, writing so much is to tell the same sisters like me, the regular life must be peaceful, and the best one can go after one hour after meals to go to go after a meal.Running (you must persist for more than 40 minutes before it is effective).

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