Police drunk 3 shots and killed pregnant women, and injured her husband’s husband, and the death sentence was not convinced.

In the process of performing the task, a people’s police officer blatantly violated the regulations to drink alcohol at working hours, causing drunk after drinking. In a fast food restaurant, the "June 4th" pistol shot and killed the pregnant female boss., Suffer from minor injuries.

Hu Ping is a people’s police in Pingnan County.On the day of October 28, 2013, the police station sent him to help Liu Mou and Luo Moumou, a people police officer of Hunan Xinhua County, who had assisted in Dapeng Town.The three of them worked around Dapeng Town, and they were busy all day until they ended the work until 7 pm.

After a day of busy, Hu Ping took two Hunan police to get dinner in order to do his best to relax his landlord friendship and relax.The name of this tavern is the brother tavern. It has been opened for decades. There is also a certain reputation in Dapeng Town. It is often known that people come here to buy wine.

"Boss, give us a special wine here, and then two plates of beef." Hu Ping shouted to the boss of the tavern as soon as he entered the door.

When the boss looked at Hu Ping’s group of three, all of them were high and high, and the tiger was back. At first glance, he was not an ordinary person.Come, sit and wait for a while, I will warm the temperature and bring it up in a while. "

The two Hunan police thought that Hu Ping would take them to eat some special foods. I did not expect Hu Ping to take them to the tavern to drink. You know, during the executive duty, the police could not drink. Once they were found, they would face serious punishment.of.So they all intend to persuade Hu Ping not to drink.

"Brother Hu, during the execution of official duties, let’s not drink anymore, afraid of accidents." A Hunan policeman persuaded.

"Yeah, don’t drink, let’s eat some food." Another policeman also said.

After listening to the words of the two Hunan police, Hu Ping didn’t care about it. He patted his chest and said, "What are you afraid of, although drinking. Who dares to find us in your place?","

When the boss took the wine temperature to get the table, Hu Ping also immediately filled the cup regardless of the two Hunan police attitude, and took the lead in drinking.The two Hunan police faces are a bit ugly. They all feel that they are ignored and have no face.But I had to bear to swallow. After all, colleagues who were temporarily handling cases were not easy to turn around. I could only watch Hu Ping drink alone.

In this way, Hu Ping drank a big mouth and ate meat.After eating, the time had arrived at 21 o’clock in the evening. In two minutes, Hu Ping had already drank several bottles of wine alone.

When the three walked out of the tavern, Hu Ping kept holding himself to drink a few more bottles, and even asked to drive.The two Hunan police were scared and a clever, and let the drunk driving, wouldn’t it be dead.The two quickly lifted Hu Ping, who was drunk to the back seat, and then drove back to Pingnan County.

On the way back to Pingnan County, Hu Ping has been talking to himself in the back seat. From time to time, he murmured the unclear words. The two Hunan police also had a headache for this., Set Hu Ping.

Half the journey and when I came to Xinjie Street in Dapeng Town, Hu Ping suddenly sobered a lot. He called the Hunan police who were driving, saying that it would be convenient to get off the car. By the way, buy some drinks and drinks.The two Hunan police saw Hu Ping’s words no longer random and didn’t think much. Driving the car on the side of the road and put Hu Ping down.

After Hu Ping got out of the car, he went straight towards Xinjie, leaving two Hunan police waiting in the car.He walked for a while and found the public toilet. After it was convenient for it, he felt refreshing, and the whole person began to flutter again. The wind blowing on the face made him feel like flying.It seemed drunk again, Hu Ping thought.Hurry up and find something to hang out, such as tea.

Hu Ping looked at the streets. There seemed to be a shop in the distance with a light. He immediately rushed there. Who knew that in the process, he became more and more drunk.Mind is unclear.In order to refresh God, and to express his ambitions after drunk, Hu Ping even picked up the "June 4th" pistol he carried with him and put a shot in the sky.

The shop that was still opened at 10 o’clock in the middle of the night was called "Old Step Fan", which was run by Cai Shiyong and Wu Ying couples.Wu Ying is pregnant with pregnant women. She will have a child soon. Family relationships are harmonious, and their husbands are harmonious. Life is also a happy life.The couple diligent and diligent, but also operated this fast food restaurant.

The night was deep, and the couple wanted to end today’s operations. Two guests just came in.The couple were kind, could not bear to starve to others late at night, and took the customer as God’s principles, and invited the guests in to dinner.I did n’t know that the dishes were put on the table. The two guests had not arrived for a while, and they held the noodles with chopsticks, and a "bang" sounded outside the shop.

When everyone looked out of the shop, they saw a strong man walking into the store with a pistol.As soon as the strong man entered the store, he shouted loudly and said that he wanted to buy milk tea.

Wu Ying didn’t want to anger the gangster holding the gun, but he could only say that he did not.Hu Ping, who was drunk, was furious. He fired a pistol at the ceiling, and aimed the muzzle to the guests aside.Shaking, sweating cold.

Hu Ping once again shouted and asked if he had selling milk tea. The pregnant woman Wu Ying was frightened by the scene. I didn’t know how to answer. Finally, she trembled in her mouth and whispered that she didn’t sell milk tea.Hu Ping obviously lost his mind. He also pointed the muzzle to Cai Shiyong, who was quietly approaching him. In his life, Cai Shiyong’s clavicle was shot and fell to the ground.

Cai Shiyong, who fell to the ground, was sorrowful and sorrowful, and shouted in the sorrow and shouted to ask Wu Ying to call the police.When Hu Ping saw Wu Ying rushed to the phone, he fired three shots without thinking, and he hit Wu Ying’s hands, chests and heads.With the end of the gunfire, Wu Ying also fell to the ground.

Blood flowing out of Wu Ying’s body, quickly filled the ground, the fluctuation of life disappeared on Wu Ying, and the heart of the baby in her belly stopped beating.The shop shouted around Cai Shiyong’s despair. Two diners hid in the corner and dared not move.

The bloody smell in the air awakened Hu Ping. He realized that he had made a big mistake, and his life was over. He quickly turned and prepared to escape from this place.I didn’t know if I turned around, I hit the two Hunan police who heard the gunfire.

The tragic situation on the scene caused the two Hunan police to be cold. After seeing the situation, one of the Hunan police flew forward, pressed Hu Ping under his body, and controlled Hu Ping, and the other called the police station and the hospital to ask for support.At the same time, maintain the order of the incident and protect witnesses.

What kind of crime does he belong to?

It should be judged as a crime of intentional injury.

According to the laws of our country, intentional injury is the behavior of using illegal means to maliciously hurt others’ physical and mental health.

Because of the principle of adaptation of crime and deeds, when guilty and sentencing are performed, it should be carried out according to subjective malice and social harm.

Therefore, the damage is usually with strong subjective malice, so there may also be a certain social harm. Therefore, in order to avoid greater casualties, my country must be punished strictly for this crime.

It should be noted that it is also a crime of intentional injury without the permission of others.

So should he bear the corresponding responsibility for the baby?

There is no personal rights because the baby is dead.

According to civil law regulations, we can know that there are three types of people: people without civil behavior, people with limited civil behavior capabilities and people with complete civil behavior.

People without civil behavior refer to children under the age of 8 or adults who cannot control their behavior at all.Because they cannot fully express their intentions, and they cannot be responsible for their actions, they need to be responsible for the guardian.

People who restrict the ability of civilian behaviors refer to minors among 8 to 18 years old and adults who cannot completely control their behavior.

Because their ideological development is immature, they cannot clearly express their intentions, nor can they be responsible for their actions completely, so their civil behavior is efficient and need to be confirmed.

But if it is accepting the premium, there is no need to confirm the guardian.

People who have a complete civil ability refer to adults over 18 years old, because they can fully express their intentions and be responsible for their own behavior because they are mature, so they belong to those who have a complete civilian behavior.

Therefore, people with complete civil behavior should be responsible for their actions.

Therefore, there is no need to bear the corresponding responsibility for the baby.

And he violated the crime of intentional homicide.

According to my country’s law, intentional homicide refers to the use of illegal means to maliciously deprives others of the right to life.

The right to life is the unique right of citizens stipulated in the law of our country. It cannot infringe and trample. All acts that violate the right to live in citizens will be severely disposed of.

The intentional homicide is usually subjective and malicious, so there may also be a certain social harm. Therefore, in order to avoid greater casualties, my country must be punished strictly for this crime.

The division is divided according to the means, and intentional homicide can also be divided into direct intention and indirect intentional intention.

It is also called intentional homicide directly, because the perpetrator usually takes positive behavior to deprive others of the lives.

Indirect intentional intention refers to the intentional homicide of inaction, that is, the actor may put the victim in the dangerous situation, which eventually led to the death of the victim.

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