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"Beiping said" to open the spleen and stomach is the basis of the acquired, and the biochemistry of qi and blood, so it hurts the spleen and stomach, and the disease is born.The spleen and stomach plays an important role in maintaining physical health.Zhang Beiping, chief physician of the Department of Spleen and Stomach Diseases of Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Prevention Team of Gastrointestinal Cancer, will regularly push the knowledge of health care and Chinese and Western medicine prevention and treatment of digestive diseases through this column to escort your digestive and health!Welcome to follow.The programmer Xiao Li recently took over a new project, daily, and knocked on the code overtime. He couldn’t even care about eating on time. He often stayed up late, eat barbecue, and drink coffee to continue his life.

But in the past week, each time the first half of the meal, Xiao Li’s upper abdomen began to pain. Although eating something can be relieved, the pain of seizures like alarm clock is really unbearable.If you eat some indigestible foods such as sweet potatoes and corn, it is difficult to sleep around the night.

The tortured Xiao Li came to the Department of Spleen and Stomach Diseases at the Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Guangdong Province. After the doctor asked the medical history, combined with Xiao Li’s age and lifestyle, it was recommended that Xiao Li Xing 13C exhalation test and gastroscopy examination.After perfecting the examination, the 13C exhalement test strong positively remind H. pylori (HP) infection, and gastroscopy suggests chronic gastritis and duodenal ulcers (phase A1).

The doctor’s gravity said to Xiao Li: "Irregular diet, often staying up late, love to eat heavy taste, and drink coffee for a long time. These bad living habits will cause stimulation and damage to your gastrointestinal duodenal mucosa.The defense system and self -repair mechanism of the gastric duodenal mucosa itself are unbalanced, and the long -term existence of such attack factors such as HP infection, thereby a digestive ulcer. "

The doctor prescribed Xiao Li’s related drugs to eliminate HP and anti -ulcer therapy, combined with Chinese medicine sequence treatment, and patiently instructed Xiao Li to develop a good lifestyle in the future.chopsticks.

Xiao Li carefully obeyed the doctor’s advice. After 6 weeks of treatment, Xiao Li re -examined the 13C exhalation test after one month of stopping the medicine. HP has turned overcast, and the symptoms of discomfort such as stomach pain have completely disappeared.【Beiping Say】

What is duodenal ulcer?

Twelve -finger ulcers are one of the common chronic diseases, and are the defects of duodenal mucosal layers and muscle layers caused by a variety of factors.The typical manifestations of duodenal ulcers are chronic, periodic, and regular upper abdomen pain: Most of the pain is located in the middle of the upper abdomen or slightly right, and often occurs when the stomach is empty.The pain time may appear 1 to 3 hours after meals (11 am, 4 am), and may also appear at 1 to 3 am, especially for people who have eaten snacks or supper before going to bed.I wake up in my sleep.After eating a little or acidic drugs in pain, the pain can be relieved.

How does duodenal ulcer happen?

There are "spears" and "shields" in the twelve -finger intestines, which are attack factor and defense factor.Under normal circumstances, the two are balanced and do not cause damage to the duodenal mucosa and cause ulcers.But when the "spear" is too strong or the "shield" is too weak, the balance will be broken, leading to the formation of ulcers.The main causes of "spear" too strong include excessive gastric acid secretion, HP infection, drugs, etc. The main reasons for "shields" include weakened duodenal mucosa barrier.related.

In general, it is "no acid, no HP, no ulcer".

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that duodenal ulcers are related to spleen, stomach, and liver. Poor spleen and stomach qi machines, and linked veins are the most fundamental pathogenic mechanism.However, because each person has different constitution and different causes, it is cold, heat, reality, qi stagnation, or blood stasis. Specific analysis is required. It is recommended to consult a professional doctor.

What should I do if I have duodenal ulcers?

(1) Improve the 13C/14C exhalation experimental examination. If there is an HP infection, the four -reciprocal treatment is required to eliminate the treatment.

(2) Anti-ulcer treatment requires acidic and acidic drugs. If necessary, it is necessary to combine gastric mucosa protection drugs to treat ulcer treatment and promote repair. The course of treatment is about 6-8 weeks.

① acidic suppression: The effect of these drugs is mainly to inhibit gastric acid secretion and promote ulcer repair.Among them, proton pump inhibitors are the first choice for digestive ulcers. Take half an hour before meal (such as omeprazole, Lanzozole, osteoprazole, Rebitzole, etc.);Miidin, Renitidine, Famotine).

② acidic drugs: The efficacy of this type of drug is mainly to neutralize the secreted gastric acid to promote ulcer repair.Such as aluminum hydroxide, magnesium carbonate, etc.

③ mucous membrane protective agent: The efficacy of this type of drug can be described in an image to put on protective clothing for ulcers to promote repair.Such as chlorpyrilitic acid (potassium citric acid, potassium, colloidal collagen, etc.), sulfur and aluminum aluminum, etc.

(3) If there is an HP infection, the family needs to conduct HP infection at the same time. If it is positive, the four -combined therapy HP eradication is required at the same time.After stopping the drug, the 13C exhalation test was reviewed in January after stopping the drug.

(4) Dietary precautions:

① It is advisable to eat soft and digestible foods to avoid foods of large, hard, and crude fiber, such as corn surface, sorghum rice, dried soybeans, nuts, bacon, peanut rice, etc., to reduce mechanical stimuli to ulcers.

② Avoid eating foods that stimulate the secretion of gastric juice, such as coffee, strong tea, cocoa, chocolate, thick meat soup, chicken soup, excessive food, alcohol, sweet potato, mustard, pepper, pepper, fennel, pepper, etc.

If the duodenal ulcer is not regulated in time and the disease develops, there may be complications such as bleeding, perforation, pylorus obstruction, and cancer, which may occur, which seriously endangers life and health!


01 yam amaranth porridge

Material: 50g of yam, 100g of fresh amaranth, 50g of glutinous rice

Method: Wash the yam, cut the end, wash the amaranth and wash it, chopped it;Add the right amount of water in the pot, add yam and glutinous rice, and cook it after cooking.

Efficacy: yam nourish the spleen and stomach, nourish the lungs and kidneys;

02 Fresh coriander cuttlefish soup material: 100g of fresh coriander, 50g of cuttlefish, 1500ml of fresh chicken soup: Fresh coriander washed slices, cleansing in cuttlefish, sliced, soaked in cold water for 4 hours for later use.Put the hot fire on the fire, pour the chicken soup to boil, and cook in cuttlefish and fresh crickets. Add the fine salt to the pan.Efficacy: Fresh 藕 Cold blood to relieve hemostasis, clearing heat and quenching thirst; cooked spleen and appetizing, nourishing blood and cough; cuttlefish nourish blood and nourish yin, nourish qi and strong ambition: Frequent consumption can increase nutrition and promote ulcer healing.The cuttlefish is fresh, soup, and fish tender, and the taste is delicious.

[Expert profile] Zhang Beiping, a doctor of medicine, chief physician, doctoral tutor.Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine (the Second Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine) Deputy Director of the Department of Spleen and Stomach Diseases.The target of college training, the first batch of outstanding young medical talents in Guangdong Province, the second batch of outstanding Chinese medicine talents in Guangdong Province, was selected into the 8th batch of Lingnan famous medical records, and the first batch of Hu Run Ping An China good doctors in 2017.

The Chairman of the Expert Committee of the Early Early Cancer Cancer Committee of the Chinese and Western Medicine Society of Chinese and Western Medicine Institute;

Chairman of the Professional Committee of Gastrointestinal Tumor Prevention and Control of the Guangdong Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine;

Chairman of the Health and Stomach Health Branch of the Guangdong Health Association; good at: gastrointestinal, esophageal tumors and pre -cancer lesions, endoscopic diagnosis of endoscopy with gallbladder and pancreatic diseases with combined treatment of Chinese and Western medicine;Traditional Chinese and Western medicine for intestinal disease (ulcerative colitis and Crohn disease).[Introduction to the Department of Spleen and Disease Diseases of Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine] The Department of Spleen and Diseases of Guangdong Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine is a key specialty of the 11th Five -Year Plan of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a key specialty of the Guangdong Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine Administration, the national colorectal polyps management project, the nationalThe clinical training base of the Capsule Endoscopy Research Center and the Guangzhou Branch of the National Helicobacter Pottery Molecular Diagnosis Center.Lead the establishment of the Society of Chinese and Western Medicine Society of Chinese and Western Medicine Institute of Digestion of Endoscopy, Early Early Cancer Expert Committee, the Guangdong Provincial Society of Chinese Medicine Society, the Professional Committee of Gastroscopy Endoscopy Society of the Guangdong and Western Medicine Society of the Guangdong ProvinceProfessional committees, Lingnan Traditional Chinese Medicine Digestive Endoscopy Medical Alliance and Lingnan (South China) Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Integrated Cycles of Cycotic Cyne -related Stomach Diseases

Under the guidance of the three professors of the academic leader Yu Shaoyuan, Luo Yunjian and Huang Suiping, under the leadership of Zhang Beiping, the deputy director of the Disciplinary leader, the deputy director of the Great Division of the spleen and stomach disease and the digestive endoscopic center, Zhang Haiyan, Director of the Department of Spleen Diseases of the General Hospital of Dade Road and Er ShaWang Jing, director of the Department of Spleen and Stomach Diseases of the Hospital, Chen Yan, Director of the Department of Spleen and Stomach Diseases of Fangcun Hospital, and Liu Tianwen, director of the Department of Spleen and Stomach Diseases of the University of the University City Hospital, led the team to start in the past and bring the team with the team.The combination of traditional Chinese and western medicine to prevent early cancer and inflammatory cancer transformation diseases such as chronic atrophic gastritis, colorectal adenoma, inflammatory bowel disease, biliary pancreatic diseases, etc., especially at 3E technology (ESD, ERCP, EUS) Waiting for various surgical treatment and postoperative Chinese medicine to promote rehabilitation, achieve good clinical efficacy, and are welcomed by patients.


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