Peanut is the "accelerator" of cancer?Suggestion: These 5 people should not eat peanuts. Pay attention to

In daily diet, peanuts are very common.It contains high protein and high fat, which can help us improve blood lipids and regulate blood pressure, which has a very important role in physical health.Peanuts also contain certain nutrients, which can delay human aging and are known as "longevity fruit".

Recently I heard that peanuts are "accelerators" of cancer. Frequent consumption of peanuts can even lead to the rapid spread of cancer cells, which causes the disease to further deteriorate, which is very unfavorable to physical health!Is this really the case?

Although there is currently no authoritative scientific experiments proved that peanuts have special effects on delaying aging, some studies have shown that peanuts contain a substance called aggluton.The risk of tumor diffusion.

If a large amount of edible peanuts may cause the effect of condensate on cytokine.But don’t worry, a small amount of edible peanuts are completely safe.

Eat as little or not peanuts as much as possible in the following people!

1. Patients with gout

The purine content per 100 grams of peanuts is 79 mg, which belongs to the medium purine content.Therefore, patients who are in a period of gout can take in moderation, but if you are in the acute period of gout, it is best to avoid eating peanuts.

2. People with weak spleen and stomach

Because 45%of peanuts are oil and fat, if people with weak spleen and stomach have enteritis, indigestion, dysentery and other phenomena, diarrhea will be aggravated after eating peanuts, and the symptoms of indigestion will also increase.

3. Chronic kidney disease

The metabolism and re -absorbing of protein are mainly responsible for the kidney. For patients with kidney disease, excessive protein can cause damage to the glomerular filtration function and easily induce proteinuria.

4. Patients with gallbladder resection

After the peanuts enter the body, in the process of digestion and absorption, a lot of bile will be broken down. The bile secretion of patients with gallbladder resection will be insufficient. It is prone to indigestion and will further increase the burden on the digestive system.

5. Patients with diabetes

The peanuts contain a large amount of oil. After eating, the calorie intake exceeds the standard, which is not conducive to the controlling blood sugar for patients with diabetes.

The above types of people should try not to eat peanuts. If they eat too much, they will aggravate their diseases. In addition to these people, there are still many benefits to eat peanuts. Let ’s share a kind of peanut nutrition recipe. Let’ s take a look.

Recommended recipe: 【Peanut Crisp】

Prepare ingredients: peanuts, flour, sugar, eggs, soda

Production steps:

1.100 grams of peanuts are poured into the baking sheet. The oven is not hot. Put it in 175 degrees to bake for about ten minutes.

2. After the peanuts are grilled, let go of the peanut skin, remove the peanut skin with a colander, and pour into the meat grinding camera to shatter.

3. After stirring it, pour it into a large bowl, add 200 grams of low -gluten flour, add 60 grams of white sugar, add an egg, add two grams of powder, two grams of baking soda, 90 grams of corn oil, stir with a scraper and mix well.Essence

4. Mix well, then grab it, take a small piece and pinch it, and sort it up and organize it into a circle.

5. After all are done, place it in the baking sheet, take an egg yolk and shatter it on the surface, sprinkle a little black sesame seeds, put it in a preheated oven, bake at 180 degrees for 20 minutes.

6. After roasting, the peanuts are small. The color is very appetite. It is very, very soft, and the method is very simple. Adults and children like to eat very much.


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