Pay attention to those who like to eat sweet potatoes, choose tips, and buy sweet and sweet sweet potatoes

Pay attention to those who like to eat sweet potatoes, choose tips, and buy sweet and sweet sweet potatoes

Sweet potato is a delicious and nutritious food. It is rich in vitamins, minerals and fibers, and is loved by the general public.However, when buying sweet potatoes, we often encounter different quality. Some sweet potato taste is sticky, sweet and delicious, while some sweet potatoes show a dry and light taste.So, as consumers who like to eat sweet potatoes, how should we choose sweet and sweet sweet potatoes?Below, let’s discuss some tricks to choose sweet potatoes together.

First, appearance and texture.It is very important to choose sweet potatoes with complete appearance and smooth epidermis.The skin should have no cracks and damage, and there is no obvious soft part.In addition, when touching, sweet potatoes should feel solid and heavy, which means that its water content is high and the taste may be better.For thin skin potatoes, thin skin should have a certain toughness and luster.

Second, color.There are many colors of sweet potatoes, from light yellow to purple.Generally speaking, the bright the color, the sweeter the sweet potatoes.For purple sweet potatoes, they are often sweeter than yellow sweet potatoes, but also be careful not to choose the skin with obvious black spots or moldy sweet potatoes.

Third, smell.A mature sweet potato usually exudes a strong aroma.When you choose sweet potatoes, you can smell it with your nose. If you have a sweet fragrance, then it is likely to be a good choice.Instead, if sweet potatoes have a pungent or stinky smell, it is best to avoid buying.

Fourth, storage time and method.Sweet potato is a kind of easy -to -rot food. Excessive or improper storage time will cause the taste to deteriorate.Therefore, when buying, you can choose fresh sweet potatoes, especially the channels for farmland.In addition, sweet potatoes are best kept in a cool and ventilated place to avoid direct sunlight, so as not to cause sweet potatoes to harden and become astringent.

Fifth, type choice.There are various variety of sweet potato varieties on the market, such as purple potato, red -skinned sweet potato, yellow heart sweet potato.The taste and flavor of each variety are slightly different, so you can choose the sweet potato varieties that suits you according to your personal taste and needs.

Finally, in addition to the above points, you can also choose sweet potatoes according to your experience and taste preferences.Different people have different preferences for sweetness and taste, so only through continuous attempts and comparisons can we find the sweet potatoes that are most suitable for their taste.

In short, you need to pay attention to the appearance, texture, color, odor, storage method, and personal population preference.Through comprehensive consideration, we can buy fragrant and sweet sweet potatoes and enjoy the deliciousness and nutrition brought by sweet potatoes.I hope these tips for choosing sweet potatoes will help you who like to eat sweet potatoes!

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